Ain't got a Clue

28 January 2014

January is supposed to be one of those months where everyone is feeling blue... it hit me now. 
Ain't got a clue what i'm feeling but transitioning is probably the best way to describe it. For all those stuck in the January blues here's some fairy dust *sprinkles* to put a smile on your face... it usually helps...

I've been watching Photoshop tutorials online recently... hence the difference in colour of the pictures below...

Dress - Topshop
Jumper - Primark
Boots - h&m
Hair bow - Donica's

Right Now: Sitting on my bed listening to music. Iv'e been listening to music more and more recently and now i like to play music while i sleep... so soothing, reminds me of when i was younger. I could't sleep with out music. 

This Week: Is going to be crazy. So much going on... which i will share with all soon!

Looking Forward To: This weekend! Chilling out relaxing and acting all cool... 


  1. Great post
    You look lovely
    I love playing around with photoshop too
    Rachel XX

  2. you look lovely, and its nice to know that january blues are a normal occurence. love your blog :)

  3. great outfit, love your velvet skirt! X


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