13 January 2014


I have been feeling on top of the world recently and i have no idea why! Not sure if it's the baggage i left behind last year, or if everyone around me are doing well or life just seems to be OK, but i can't stop smiling! And before you ask... NO it's not due to a BOY... ewwwww as IF.... i'm still broke though... i need to work on that. 

I'm defo channelling summer with this ensemble. I just can't wait for the snow to come and spring/summer to arrive. Waking up in the morning and to darkness is not the best way to start your day. 
My sister got me this jersey in the sales on boxing day when we was in Birmingham. I bargained with her, that if she buys me something i will do the long ass drive back to London. Not a bad bargain if i do say so myself. 
I wanted this jersey as soon as i laid eyes on it, it oozes summer (which is my fav season). I actually wanted to debut in the summer but seeing at that is soooo long away i gave in. 

Jacket - Warehouse
High-waisted shorts - Vintage Levis via Spitalfield Market
Shirt - H&M
Socks - Nike
Trainers - Nike

Right Now: I'm at work... durrr its Monday! I just came from pitching at Lime Pictures (home of TOWIE, Gordie Shore and Hollyoaks) with my Creative Director. This is actually the first pitch we have had this year so lets hope we get this one! Wish us luck!

Last Week: I told myself i wasn't going to drink until May, or at least hold out this the end of Jan... yep temptation is a bitch and Friday night was the result of a messy night with Saturday having to deal with a hangover at a kids party. Not a good combo!

This Week: I really want to attend the Short Film Festival this week, at least one day. It's so important to support short films especially in the industry i work in. So i am hoping to go to the New Shorts: London Lives showing tomorrow at Cine Lumiere. 


  1. ahh yes! It was a really food vibe down at the curzon on Saturday at the short film festival.


  2. Glad I could give you some inspiration for pics I really your first pic on this it works so well having your outfit out of focus cos it's a pretty stand out look :).
    Style With Friends

  3. Love the jersey!


  4. Love the nikes! You look fab


  5. Love this outfit you look great! Great jersey - and glad you've got the year off to a fab start! :-) xxx


  6. Love your crop top :D This makes me want summer to come around quicker !

    Frankie X


  7. THAT TOP IS BEAUTTTTT!!!! love this outfit !!!


  8. Thanks for the comment on my page! love your blog!!! keep it up! great outfit xxxx


  9. nice look :)


  10. Amazing outfit babe! Your style's so cool!!

    100% following you, I can't wait to see what else you post!

    Check out my new blog, I'd love to know what you think thefashionrubiks.blogspot.co.uk <3

    The Fashion Rubiks

    x x


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