28 February 2014

Did someone say SWAP SHOP!?

Who wouldn't want to shop without having to exchange money? MEEEEE!

Last Monday the lovely Alice from Voucher Code invited me to their Blogger Swap Shop event. It's exactly what it says on the tin. You bring 5 items of unwanted (but still in good condition) clothes/shoes/accessories that you want to swap and in exchange you get stamps and with those stamps you can shop other bloggers clothes/shoes/accessories. Seeing as it was the end of the month and pay day was a week away i couldn't resist!
I am the ultimate holder of life and i found it so hard to part with my clothes. Even though i would never wear them again. After much arguing with myself i decided to swap 3 dress and 2 pairs of heels.

I hope however got them is treating them well...

Voucher Code set up an amazing event. They had cupcakes (we all know i love a good cupcake) a sweet stall where we could fill up bags of sweets to our hearts content, a nail technician on hand to give the gals some super sassy nails, food - of course and one of the highlights for me was the photo booth... i love me a good selfie...

Oh and how can i forget that we even got to design our own rights courtsey of Accessorize. For some strange reason i thought i had to leave my diamante encrusted tights... how wrong was I! Voucher code are super amazing and are sending me my pair in the post so hopefully i can rock my blinging tights this weekend!

I also managed find some amazing swaps and even meet some really cool bloggers.

Talking to fellow blogger Hatty with a martini in my hand... i am rarely without a drink in my hand nowadays!

Blogger Samantha has inspired me to change my hair colour to hers this weekend... 

Cake Cake Cake Cake #thatisall 

*Images courtesy of Voucher Codes.

 How friggin' cool are my tights?...

These Martini's were LUSH!

Right Now: I'm thinking whether to go pink or purple/grey... hair that is!

This Week: Been super duper busy! I need to chill and put my priorities in check as things are distracting me that shouldn't be!

Looking Forward To: Spending some much needed family time with my son and god kids. No partying for me!

Have a great weekend peeps! x

I Don't Care

26 February 2014

I have this inner creature inside of me that wants to scream "MICHELLE YOU ARE DOING TO MUCH!"

I feel as though i am been physically pulled from one project / situation to another and i just can't get to grips with everything that is going on. They say women are experts when multitasking (which i defo agree) but multitasking ten thousand things is not something i would want to own. I feel like a break is needed but i can't see it happening any time soon. Weekends are a myth for relaxing and early mornings / late nights are becoming my routine. I haven't been to the gym for over a week and my body is starting to react to my stress.

I think i'm going to start taking drugs... people on drugs seem so relaxed...

Enough moaning... My bomber. Seeing as i haven't featured the reversible side of this ahhh-maazing Criminal Damage bomber here it is!

Lush right?! I have to say its mega hard for me to style this as the patterned side is very loud. I normally find myself putting in over a standard all black attire just to add some much needed colour.


Who else is feeling the strain?

Working Gal

23 February 2014

There is something about Dungarees that make me feel like i'm working in field or some sort of factory... very Working Gal esq.

I have a love hate relationship with my dungers, they are defo not the first point of call when figuring out what to wear... Let's be honest its a pain when going to the toilet (all that unbuckling!) and i do sometimes feel like a farmers wife. But i love how cool i can style them! I'm such a tomboy at heart and being able to add roughness to an outfit is where my dungers fit in.

Dungarees - Zara | Body - H&M | Scarf - Alexander McQueen | Shoes - Schuh

I hope you like how i styled mines! x

Right Now: OMG TOWIE is back! So i'm chilling watching the drama unfold...

This Week: Crazy one yet again! and pretty emotional. I need to start prioritising my life better and shut the door on the negative. I feel as though this week has been such a big test... i've had a crazy and eventful weekend to help bring next week into a better one!

Looking Forward To: Having a better week than last!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Bring on Monday x

Ache . Pain .

19 February 2014

It's not often i dedicate a post to general Talk. I feel as though i should write more on VK but as creative and out-there as i claim to be when i start writing i feel like i get to personal and i find myself deleting the paragraphs of writing that i endured from the last half hour.

I have an issue though...

I have this ache in my body... more like a pain to be honest. And it's been there for the last few weeks. I suffered from it for the last 4 years and i finally left it late last year... but its back. And it's pissing me the hell off! It's not as bad as it used to be so much easier to deal with now, but its still apparent. It's like i need to take one last pain-KILLER for it to officially leave my body. But it seems to be proving that i'm not in control on when i have to take it. I have come to terms with the fact that i am not happy with this ache/pain but i don't think IT has and that's unnerving. Why cause aches and pains where it's not needed?

... that feeling when you just want to hold a pillow to your face and scream... yea that's how i feel right now... further more that's how i've been feeling.

They say when your at your happiest you get tested... this is definitely my test.


LFW Day 3: What i Wore

16 February 2014

So we actually made it to a show on time! *Disclaimer* I don't do early unless i'm getting paid!

Today we attended the Christian Cowen-Sanluis presentation at Shoreditch studios and the Joao Melo Costa and Daniela Barros catwalk show at Freemasons' Hall. We was pretty much up and down from 3pm, luckily Sunday means free parking so that means i could dress according to the event instead of the weather!

I was going for bohemian chick today. I'm loving fringing at the moment, all i needed was a fringed bag and this would have been the perfect outfit... unfortunately i don't own one and i am yet to find the perfect one... any recommendations are welcome (prices between £0 - £30). Thanks!

Kimono - Primark | Dress - Asos | Belt - Peacocks | Boots - Zara | Bag - Friends

LFW Day 2: What i Wore

15 February 2014

London Fashion Week Day 2... for me it was day 1. The party doesn't start till Saturday though right?

I dragged my home girl Donica with me today... although i wouldn't say dragged as she enjoys the hustle and bustle of London Fashion as much as the next fashionista. We was scheduled to attend the Teatum Jones show at 12.15 at the ME Hotel opposite Somerset house... apparently fashionably late is unheard of at London Fashion Week.... i mean we was only 20 minutes late!

We headed over to somerset house to grab some street style pics but left early as the typical english (which never seems to fail) made a psychotic appearance and i couldn't handle my weave getting wet... wet dog doesn't work me, sorry Beyonce!

Today's outfit was substance over style. I can't risk my health for the sake of a good outfit! So opted for something comfortable and warm...

Blazer - H&M
T-Shirt - Guns N Roses via Primark
Trousers - River Island
Shoes - KG
Bag - LV

Lovers Day

14 February 2014

*WARNING: Photo heavy post!

oooooo!!!! Happy Valentines Day my Lovers! Such a romantic day right?.... There is something adorable about this day. Especially the build up... the shops and decor are red and pink, filled with love hearts, cuddly animals and chocolates, you find couples going crazy to try and book the most romantic and expensive restaurant to impress their partner only to find out that they are all booked up... shocking! and the array of full-time workers who get flowers delivered to work only to act shocked like they didn't know it was coming...  Yea... kinda overkill if you ask me.

Valentines Day for me is spending time with your loved one/s. I don't need a fancy restaurant or a movie for someone to prove to how much they love/like me... however a present of sentimental value will suffice. One (if only) of the good things about the last is that every V-Day he would always get me card with a special and personalised message (i honestly think that he would rip quotes of the internet and put them together but i would always convince myself it came from the heart ha!) which for me is super romantic and something i would be able to look back on. It's the small things that are most important for me when showing someone you care.

So today i'm dedicating this post to all my LOVED ones that are in my life and stayed in my life. I love you with all my heart and thank you so much for putting up with a mental, crazy women like meeeeee!

Throwing back on ya bishes!

 My main BISHES •love•
Hope you all have a LOVE-ly day!

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