Blue Hair don't Care

7 February 2014

I slyly started to feel like an idiot because of my blog title... It said AQUA on the bottle, it even looked blue when applying it, but for some reason my hair looks green with a hint of blue... when i try to justify the colour and explain that it's "Aqua" people look at me like "awwwwww honey... it looks green....". Deuces bitches my hair is BLUE... sorta.

If you have been following VK for a while now you will know i'm a commitment phobe when it comes to my hair. Espcially during this time as i am transitioning from permed hair to my natural locks. It's a fun time for my and hair as i get to experiment a lot with out doing damage to my own hair *flicks weave* although i wouldn't be able to get through this hair phase without my boothang and hairdresser Shamara, she never fails to hook a sista up! This look was a result of not being able to commit and the fact that Nica had a bottle of "Aqua" dye at home... yep... AQUA!

What's funny is that i feel as though this colour is a man repeller and a women magnet. All the men/boys in my life absolutely hate it (they have no sense of style CLEARLY) and all the women/girls love it... Me... i love it and i'm planning on keeping for a while... she's says while flicking through hair mags for the next inspo...

Jacket - Warehouse | Top - H&M | Jeans - Topshop | Slip Ons - Topshop | Sunnies - Raybans


  1. I love it babe!

    Shanika |

  2. It looks gorgeous! I love it!! x

  3. i love the hair. i wish i had the courage to actually do smth different to mine but i am such a wuss lol

    xo, Brikena

  4. You look so cool! Love your shoes and jacket :)

    Do you want to follow each other, just let me know on my blog?!


  6. LOOOOOVEEEE! I wanna dye mine so bad!


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