Casual Days

9 February 2014

Sunday's are normally a day of rest... for some. For me it's Mummy day. Morning's normally consist of Cion's football matches, then home to cook or shoot blog posts (as i only get to shoot on weekends) catching up on work and all the other home/freelance admin that i need to do before a crazy week of work starts. And to be brutally honest i am normally doing these with hangover from the night before... classy right. Don't judge me!

This Sunday is one of the first that i have actually chilled, the plan was in fact to attend the Pure London trade show event but the "the way my sleep was set up" i just couldn't bring myself to go! Although now i'm home alone and kinda hungry, there is no food in the fridge and... with that being said i'm too lazy to go to the shop or to my mums, so the left over pasta bake in the oven may just have to suffice, so much for Sunday Dinner!

*images are pre Aqua hair.

Pull over - River Island
Denim shirt - H&M
Leggings - Bikbok

Right Now: If you read the above you will know i be chilling like a villain...

This Week: Been such a crazy and hectic week! Where to begin... tummy bug, tube strikes, scheduling, new projects, old projects, blog posts, surprise engagements celebrations, cocktails galore ohhhh and my healthy eating went out the window and the gym hasn't seen me for a week...

Looking Forward To: London Fashion Week baby! This is the first time attending as a blogger... pretty excited about that! 

I trust you all are having a Casual Day today... 


  1. i love this knitted jumper :) you look cute and sporty ! xx

  2. This pull over is SO cute, loving the way you've styled it.

    & I'm loving this new blog look! x

  3. aw wow you're gorge! I love the combo!
    also you have a great blog :)

    BlueViolet Hearts


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