Lovers Day

14 February 2014

*WARNING: Photo heavy post!

oooooo!!!! Happy Valentines Day my Lovers! Such a romantic day right?.... There is something adorable about this day. Especially the build up... the shops and decor are red and pink, filled with love hearts, cuddly animals and chocolates, you find couples going crazy to try and book the most romantic and expensive restaurant to impress their partner only to find out that they are all booked up... shocking! and the array of full-time workers who get flowers delivered to work only to act shocked like they didn't know it was coming...  Yea... kinda overkill if you ask me.

Valentines Day for me is spending time with your loved one/s. I don't need a fancy restaurant or a movie for someone to prove to how much they love/like me... however a present of sentimental value will suffice. One (if only) of the good things about the last is that every V-Day he would always get me card with a special and personalised message (i honestly think that he would rip quotes of the internet and put them together but i would always convince myself it came from the heart ha!) which for me is super romantic and something i would be able to look back on. It's the small things that are most important for me when showing someone you care.

So today i'm dedicating this post to all my LOVED ones that are in my life and stayed in my life. I love you with all my heart and thank you so much for putting up with a mental, crazy women like meeeeee!

Throwing back on ya bishes!

 My main BISHES •love•
Hope you all have a LOVE-ly day!


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