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1 February 2014

January is gone already! Somebody slap me and wake me the hell up because i feel as though i have slept through most of last month!

So let's recap...
Partied a bit to hard, laughed even harder with my girls, Cion is back at football, the gym has been my bestfriend and work is couldn't be better! That about sums it up...

Now its Febuary the Luuuurrrvvvveee month! I'm actually looking forward to Valentines... (how sad is that considering i'm single). I think its the spontanity. I have no idea what i'm gonna do but i'm just gonna put it out there that i'm not a fan of flowers and chocolates don't look good on my ass. For all those who have secured dates.... make him work for it!

Defo channeling some kind of rocker chic here. I wanted to bring out my Jeffery Campbells as i have only wore them once! I love them so much but it's super hard to style them plus i look mega tall when wearing them...

Jacket - Warehouse
Top - Topshop
Skirt - Bershka
Shoes - Jeffery Campbell

Right Now: It Saturday and i'm working. Luckily i have the girls here working with me so its not bad.

This Week: It's been pretty crazy and busy, not that i'm complaining as i love being proactive, but i can feel that these up coming weeks are going to get even more busier! It's also Chinese New Year so i'm heading up to central tomorrow with the family and friends to enjoy the festivities.

Next Week: Don't.Want.To.Think.About.It. 


  1. You look bad ass Michelle!

    Shanika |

  2. Oh those shoes are incredible!! I love valentines too, always been single for it and I still manage to enjoy the day - it's not all just for couples! ;) x

    flawedfairytale fashion blog

  3. You look great,
    Love your shoes
    Hope you have a lovely valentines day
    Rachel XX

  4. So sassy! Whatever lipstick you're wearing it's amazing! x
    Chloe @ The Little Plum UK Fashion Blog

  5. You look AMAZING!!! Love the leather skirt and platform combo <3

    The Fashion Rubiks

  6. Love this outfit, that lipstick compliments it perfectly x

  7. work it! love this love lvoe love

    xo Francesca from Frank Vinyl

  8. This skirt is fantastic and you look gorgeous!

  9. Such a cute outfit!! Absolute babe xx


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