Working Gal

23 February 2014

There is something about Dungarees that make me feel like i'm working in field or some sort of factory... very Working Gal esq.

I have a love hate relationship with my dungers, they are defo not the first point of call when figuring out what to wear... Let's be honest its a pain when going to the toilet (all that unbuckling!) and i do sometimes feel like a farmers wife. But i love how cool i can style them! I'm such a tomboy at heart and being able to add roughness to an outfit is where my dungers fit in.

Dungarees - Zara | Body - H&M | Scarf - Alexander McQueen | Shoes - Schuh

I hope you like how i styled mines! x

Right Now: OMG TOWIE is back! So i'm chilling watching the drama unfold...

This Week: Crazy one yet again! and pretty emotional. I need to start prioritising my life better and shut the door on the negative. I feel as though this week has been such a big test... i've had a crazy and eventful weekend to help bring next week into a better one!

Looking Forward To: Having a better week than last!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Bring on Monday x


  1. Your hair is STILL giving me life!! And those shoes!! *love at first sight*

    Discoveries Of Self

  2. Those dungarees are amazing , they make your figure look incredible. Zara is sooo perfect at the moment.
    Your blog gave me the push to dye my hair a crazy colour so now we are matching (although I went for pink)

    Here's my blog post on my amazing day at LFW if you get a sec to check it out (its before I dyed my hair haha)

    love Daisy

  3. Killer kicks! I've never heard of that brand before, will def have to check them out! Especially since it totally amps up your casual chic look!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. Lovely! You look so good in those dungarees, nothing like a farmers wife at all so chic! Xx

  5. Cute look, green hair looks good on you!

  6. love this doll, you look so fierce!

  7. those overalls look great on you! lovely blog
    francesca from Frank Vinyl

  8. paired w /the heels <3 this look x


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