Pretty Women vs Green Envy

30 March 2014

I'm a sucker for a pretty print. 
Although i'm far from a 'Pretty' girl when it comes to my style. 
A bit rough around the edges and too un-lady-like to be a Pretty Women.

I attended the first day of Bloggers Fashion Week held at No.1 Leicester square, last week. 
Perfect place to entertain bloggers along with a penthouse view to die for, I have to say I was in bloggers heaven! There was an array of fashion designers showcasing their new collections one of which caught my eye, JaraWine.

Spring/Summer is upon us and i'm definitely one of those people who loves dressing for this time of year. You can be free and fun with what you wear and the brighter and bolder the prints the better.  What attracted me to JaraWine's collection was the soft colours, girly prints and amazing attention to detail with every cut and design. So when Jara contacted me to blog about her designs i was like 'HELL YAH!'.

I was firstly attracted to the Cycle Print Tea Dress. The print screams spring and is perfect for a garden party, christening, wedding. Although a bit too 'Pretty' for me i still adore it. 

The Stretch Lace Boat Dress is definitely something i would buy as it fits my body shape perfectly, hiding all the lumps and bumps and still making me look womenly. 
Such perfect attention to detail and it felt so good on! 

Dress - JaraWine Cycle Print Tea Dress | Boyfriend Blazer - H&M | Shoes - Just Fab | Clutch - Dorothy Perkins | Belt - Primark | Hand-band - New Look 

Right Now:
Its Mothers Day! And i'm in bed... My son made me the sweetest gift at school. A little Jar with personalised messages on so i can keep my little trinkets safe. 

This Week:
Preparing to shoot next week so it's going to be a little hectic.!

Looking Forward To:
Winning another pitch at work and getting over the first day of filming next weekend. 

I hope all you mothers, daughters, sons, grandmothers are having an amazing time with your family today, and to the people who's mothers can not be with you on this day, I am thinking of you all. x

Just a Little Bit...

23 March 2014

... of what happened this week/end.

Firstly I was struck down with the worst illness EVER! Stupid me thinking Hay Fever had got the best of me when it turned out I had a full blown fever. 
Bed ridden for a week and living off lemsip and soup, it wasn't the best time of my life. 
Luckily I have a loving mother that nursed me to health so thankfully I got to enjoy some of the sunshine this weekend. 

Cion had gone to his God Mothers for the weekend so I was pretty much free to come out and play (with out restrictions). 
First stop, pub lunch, veggie option tasted good... just didn't sit well. 
Second stop, drinks with pimps. 
Third stop, a good ole natter with good vibes and crazy people. 

Random snaps. Not everyday outfit posts... 

Right Now:
Going straight to bed once I finish this post!

Next Week:
Looking forward to going back to work and back to reality. 
My bed has seen to much of me it's time to spread my wings and fly!

Looking Forward To:
Bloggers Fashion Week. 

I'll Be Thinking Bout You....

15 March 2014

".... Now everything i do it's all for loving you...."

I currently have Calvin Harris's 'Thinking Bout You' on repeat... hence the title. It reminds me of last summer when i used to hear it constantly on the radio and now that the sunshine has made an appearance it felt like the right song to put me back in the mood for the warmer weather!

In other news...

I'm not sure if i'm ready to pack away my winter closet yet and bring out the summer one however i've been digging out bits and pieces to suit this weather although i'm not in a rush to hit the shops and start updating my summer wardrobe just yet... 

So i definitely got excited that the sun was out today! 

I got this dropped hem dress in the h&m sale for a tenner! I've been trying so hard to stay away from the sales but while waiting for my bus after work i had a little browse in my local h&m and happily walked out the shop with this little number. 

It definitely screams Summer so i can't wait to wear it more once summer officially hits. 

Dress - H&M | Boots - Faith (super duper OLD) | Hat - Rokit

Right Now:
Chilling in bed with Cion listing to music... Relaxing.

Next Week:
So much shizzle to wrap up before next month hits. Its creeping up so quick i can't believe it's mid March already!

Looking Forward:
If i told yah... i would have to Kill yah!

*As you can see from my pictures i have been playing about with Photoshop again...

14 March 2014

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Pretty Women

Definitely channeling Julia Roberts in Petty Women here.

When i first got these sexy knee high boots from New Look, i thought i would wear them all the time, but it turns out they are super hard to style. But nevertheless i dusted them off and went for the bohemian/stripper look... kinda works right?

So apparently the colder weather is behind us... for now. I'm excited that we are going to get warmer days but i don't feel like i am mentally and physically prepared! My body is still in limbo and i still stand to loose a few more pounds (possibly stones). My wardrobe could do with a little updating but i have no time (or money) to do this and i just feel like warmer weather means having to socialise and get out a bit more when all i really want to do is snuggle up and hibernate for just a little bit longer...

In other news...

I'm planning on doing a blog giveaway as i feel like VK has grown so much since i started blogging last year. All you amazing readers make my day when you leave such lovely comments and feedback on my social sites... it really does boost my ego and makes my head larger than it already is! So as a Thank You i feel it's important to give back to you bishes! But firstly i need to figure out what the heck i am going to giveaway! So ideas are welcomed... please don't get excited and think beyond my pay grade... cheers in advance!

Kimono - via #vcswapshop | Top (worn as dress) - BikBok | Boots - New Look | Hat - Rokit

Such a friggin' lady....

Explicit Content

9 March 2014

Jeez Louise! I feel like it's been a hot minute since i've sat down and written a blog post! I would apologise but i really can't feel bad for LIFE taking over. I love VK and it's become a massive part of my life but life seems to be becoming more and more demanding so unfortunately VK may have take a tweeny weening back backseat... Sorry... Not Sorry! 

Don't worry i haven't completely gone into hiding you can get regular updates if you follow me on instagram and twitter via @virgosandkisses. 

So i finally got the time to shoot an outfit post (whoo hooo!). 

When Alexander Wang showcased his Hip Hop inspired SS14 line i was like "Yassss Hunni!" Defo a clothing line i want to get my hands on... then i looked at the retail price and was like... uh oh... 
I have been hunting for a wicked dupe for the longest so when i attended the Voucher Codes Swap Shop and spotted this beauty on the hanger i dived straight in and grabbed it like a crazy psycho. 

Jealous much? 

Jumper - #VCSwapshop | Skirt - Missguided | Shoes - TopShop

..... and she's back with new hair!!! This was not the colour i intended. I was going for a lilac/grey but for some reason the dye didn't take too well. I'm loving the colour for now but i am going to dye it again to get the colour i originally wanted. 

Right Now: Wondering my the heck my legs look so pale in these pictures and happy that the sun was shining today! 

This Week: Just looking to survive. I need more sleep or more hours in the day... whatever comes first is fine with me. 

Looking Forward To: Amsterdam with my favourite girls! We have booked an Amsterdam weekender for bank holiday in May and i can't wait to get my crazy on with all my crazy bishes! 

How was lovely the warmer weather today?

PS... i have hiccups :(

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