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9 March 2014

Jeez Louise! I feel like it's been a hot minute since i've sat down and written a blog post! I would apologise but i really can't feel bad for LIFE taking over. I love VK and it's become a massive part of my life but life seems to be becoming more and more demanding so unfortunately VK may have take a tweeny weening back backseat... Sorry... Not Sorry! 

Don't worry i haven't completely gone into hiding you can get regular updates if you follow me on instagram and twitter via @virgosandkisses. 

So i finally got the time to shoot an outfit post (whoo hooo!). 

When Alexander Wang showcased his Hip Hop inspired SS14 line i was like "Yassss Hunni!" Defo a clothing line i want to get my hands on... then i looked at the retail price and was like... uh oh... 
I have been hunting for a wicked dupe for the longest so when i attended the Voucher Codes Swap Shop and spotted this beauty on the hanger i dived straight in and grabbed it like a crazy psycho. 

Jealous much? 

Jumper - #VCSwapshop | Skirt - Missguided | Shoes - TopShop

..... and she's back with new hair!!! This was not the colour i intended. I was going for a lilac/grey but for some reason the dye didn't take too well. I'm loving the colour for now but i am going to dye it again to get the colour i originally wanted. 

Right Now: Wondering my the heck my legs look so pale in these pictures and happy that the sun was shining today! 

This Week: Just looking to survive. I need more sleep or more hours in the day... whatever comes first is fine with me. 

Looking Forward To: Amsterdam with my favourite girls! We have booked an Amsterdam weekender for bank holiday in May and i can't wait to get my crazy on with all my crazy bishes! 

How was lovely the warmer weather today?

PS... i have hiccups :(


  1. I love the cut and colour on you, looks fab! x

  2. My girl looking super duper hot, loving the mono look!


  3. Looking fabulous darling!

    Shanika | Shanika-says.blogspot.co.uk | Rants, Reviews and Revelations

  4. Love everything about this outfit, looking amazing!! :-) xxx



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