I'll Be Thinking Bout You....

15 March 2014

".... Now everything i do it's all for loving you...."

I currently have Calvin Harris's 'Thinking Bout You' on repeat... hence the title. It reminds me of last summer when i used to hear it constantly on the radio and now that the sunshine has made an appearance it felt like the right song to put me back in the mood for the warmer weather!

In other news...

I'm not sure if i'm ready to pack away my winter closet yet and bring out the summer one however i've been digging out bits and pieces to suit this weather although i'm not in a rush to hit the shops and start updating my summer wardrobe just yet... 

So i definitely got excited that the sun was out today! 

I got this dropped hem dress in the h&m sale for a tenner! I've been trying so hard to stay away from the sales but while waiting for my bus after work i had a little browse in my local h&m and happily walked out the shop with this little number. 

It definitely screams Summer so i can't wait to wear it more once summer officially hits. 

Dress - H&M | Boots - Faith (super duper OLD) | Hat - Rokit

Right Now:
Chilling in bed with Cion listing to music... Relaxing.

Next Week:
So much shizzle to wrap up before next month hits. Its creeping up so quick i can't believe it's mid March already!

Looking Forward:
If i told yah... i would have to Kill yah!

*As you can see from my pictures i have been playing about with Photoshop again...


  1. You look great! you really suit this colour!



  2. That's a really cute dress, and suits you so well! I found you through bloglovin and I am your newest follower! hope you check out my blog :)

  3. that hat is the cutest thing ever!! it really suits you! xx


  4. these pictures are so so lovely! love the bright red colour

  5. I love your blog, great look.

    I followed you on Bloglovin'. Maybe you could take a look at my blog as well, you might like it.



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