Pretty Women vs Green Envy

30 March 2014

I'm a sucker for a pretty print. 
Although i'm far from a 'Pretty' girl when it comes to my style. 
A bit rough around the edges and too un-lady-like to be a Pretty Women.

I attended the first day of Bloggers Fashion Week held at No.1 Leicester square, last week. 
Perfect place to entertain bloggers along with a penthouse view to die for, I have to say I was in bloggers heaven! There was an array of fashion designers showcasing their new collections one of which caught my eye, JaraWine.

Spring/Summer is upon us and i'm definitely one of those people who loves dressing for this time of year. You can be free and fun with what you wear and the brighter and bolder the prints the better.  What attracted me to JaraWine's collection was the soft colours, girly prints and amazing attention to detail with every cut and design. So when Jara contacted me to blog about her designs i was like 'HELL YAH!'.

I was firstly attracted to the Cycle Print Tea Dress. The print screams spring and is perfect for a garden party, christening, wedding. Although a bit too 'Pretty' for me i still adore it. 

The Stretch Lace Boat Dress is definitely something i would buy as it fits my body shape perfectly, hiding all the lumps and bumps and still making me look womenly. 
Such perfect attention to detail and it felt so good on! 

Dress - JaraWine Cycle Print Tea Dress | Boyfriend Blazer - H&M | Shoes - Just Fab | Clutch - Dorothy Perkins | Belt - Primark | Hand-band - New Look 

Right Now:
Its Mothers Day! And i'm in bed... My son made me the sweetest gift at school. A little Jar with personalised messages on so i can keep my little trinkets safe. 

This Week:
Preparing to shoot next week so it's going to be a little hectic.!

Looking Forward To:
Winning another pitch at work and getting over the first day of filming next weekend. 

I hope all you mothers, daughters, sons, grandmothers are having an amazing time with your family today, and to the people who's mothers can not be with you on this day, I am thinking of you all. x


  1. The ladylike look suits you more than you think!

    Shanika | | Rants, Reviews and Revelations

  2. Hey beauty you have a really nice blog and amazing pictures .Have a nice day =)

  3. Awesome looks! Love the print dress so much!


    Fancy To Go

  4. You look gorgeous! I love the 'pretty woman' dress and thank you for the lovely comment on my blog x

  5. Gorgeous and stylish.



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