She's 1 Years Old!

25 April 2014

Stop, Drop, Shut'em down open up shop...
Oh, no...
That's how Virgos and Kisses Roll....

Hehe... Super gassed right now!
Yas! We are officially 1 Years Old today!

I could sit here and write why and how I started my little blog, or how grateful I am for all my lovely and amazing readers... or even much I have grown over the past year....
Yeah nah i'll rather eat cake!

ijoke ijoke

I honestly can't believe how much VK has grown over the past year, it's such an achievement to even make it to a year. I know this may sound sappy but blogging has honestly got me through all the sh*t from the previous year and being able to put out positive energy on to VK has always made me feel so much better on the sh*ty days. 
If you've been following for a while you'll be no stranger to the reason why I started this blog. 
Coming out of a toxic relationship had severely knocked my confidence and self esteem... VK slowly helped take me out of my shell and helped bring back the old Michelle. 
Yes bishes She's BACCCKKK!

So here's to the past year and many more to come! 

Cake anyone?


  1. Congratulations babe. So proud of you and how your blog has helped you grow. Kisses!


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