The Rise of MeMe

26 April 2014

I have a confession to make... 
I have this alter ego that is ultra dark and crazy... I discovered her last weekend, or should I say we discovered each other.
She is rachet, ghetto fab and doesn't take shit from anyone. 
I call her MeMe. 

Today... I am channeling MeMe. 

She's a crazy bitch. 

The End. 

Boyfriend Blazer - H&M | Top - Bershka (old) | Shorts - Levi's Vintage | Shoes - Boohoo

I've been feeling myself a little to much recently...

Right Now
Watching 'Two Can Play that Game' ultimate classic!
Women... we can learn a thing or two from this film!

This Week
Back to work, which isn't so bad... I actually like my job! 

Looking Forward To
I have a new project in the pipeline, it's very, very new so this weekend it's about how to execute it. Fingers crossed. And no it's not fashion related! 



  1. Looking fab!

    Shanika | | Rants, Reviews and Revelations

  2. Love your top!

    Carmen Ri.

  3. Love your outfit, especially the shoes x

  4. Your shoes are amazing!


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