Cool As Ice

28 May 2014

It's not everyday a co-ord has me whipped like an bixch...

Since putting on a few pounds.. stones... kilograms (the list can go on), I've noticed that not everything I like I can wear. I've had to dress for my body shape now. Before I never used to try on clothes because I was so skinny everything would literary look fine on me. 
Oh how things have changed!

Co-ords is one of them. The ones I lust over, you know the cropped topped - high waisted ones; my boobies are too big for the tops (I despise all you flat chesters!) ... and lets not start on the high waisted bottoms.... 

Moving on

H&M had the perfect co-ord for this summer. Still embracing the sports luxe look from last season, they brought out this textured co-ord which hides all my lumps and bumps and fits so snug I want to wear it all the time. They also have a few colours, but seeing as summer is coming up I opted for the white. 

I dressed this look down, as you can see via the pictures, but with some killer ankle boots and right accessories this can easily turn into a 'drinks with the girls' outfit. 

Co-ord - H&M | Socks - Beyond Retro | AF1s - Nike Town

Sitting here thinking I need a Holiday... 


26 May 2014

Something a little different on the blog today. I thought I'll share some thoughts and feelings that I've been having lately. 
I'm working on a new project and thankfully I've been able to work with some influential, selfless people who have made me think differently on how I live. 


Inspiration can be drawn from many things, people we see everyday, things we see everyday, objects, music, YOU. 

Motivation is what drives us to become better than what we were yesterday.

The past week I realised the two in correlation is a powerful thing. 

I have always been proud of where I've come from even looked to my peers who have managed to come up with me and the ones who haven't. 

Our struggle and many challenges has made everything worth it. 

But when you meet people who genuinely care about others and are willing to put there life on the line to help them succeed you have to take a step back and re-evaluate why we do what we do. 

Living for yourself is creating opportunities for an individual, 
living for others is creating a reality for your community. 

*Image sourced from Google images. 


23 May 2014

Blog oh Blog, where for art thou?

Seriously though, I've missed you! 
I've been going though a few changes in my life recently and blogging has had to take a backseat. 
This week I told myself I need to prioritise needs and wants and VK is a want (which I bloody love) but borderline 'need' so even though I say this all the friggin' time I need to start scheduling posts as my foreseeable future may become a bit demanding... she wishes....

Have I been missed?

Yes, No, Maybe so?


So we've had some pretty cool weather right? You know what that means... get your legs out! 
My legs have always been my favourite asset on my body and at any given chance I will whip them out!
I predict loads of booty shorts this summer!

This outfit is my 'Relaxed' look. Something I literary threw on because I wanted to be comfortable running around in the sun. So LA...
Slip ons are becoming a staple piece this summer that I forget how many I used to own when Vans were the rage... in 2008/09.
I've used to work in high-street shoe store Schuh throughout my student days (those where the days) and these slip ons where the result of my discount. 
I'm really amazed at how I managed to keep them in such good condition! 

Blazer - H&M | T-Shirt - Topshop | Shorts (custom made) | Slip Ons - Vans via Schuh | Scarf - Alexander McQueen

Thank God Its FRIDAY!


11 May 2014

The pieces are coming together and I'm not complaining...
Ups and and the worst downs but now i'm living and it feels oh so good. 
Feeling complete and content, I feel like I'm living... for me...

Outfit time!

This is one of my many festival outfits for this summer. 
I intend on attending a few... can't wait to get the wellies on, a corona in one hand, good music in the back ground and party in the park like a crazy hippie!

When I went to Amsterdam last weekend we done a little sight seeing followed by a hunt around the shops. I spotted this kimono in the Monki shop window calling my name 'Michelle, Michelle...' and the rest was pretty much history... 

I have shopping issue. Yes I should get a slap on the wrist... 

Kimono - Monki (similar) | Dress - Primark | Body (underneath) - h&m | Boots - Zara

She's ready!

Right Now
Catching up on all the online shows with my home girl... just finished watching Revenge now on to Devious Maids.... oh and don't get me started with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta!!! The most rachet tv I've ever seen... yet I love it!

This Week
Back to work after turning up in Amsterdam.
Friday I think I got a little to cray cray so I was in my bed all day yesterday in-between footy training a skype meetings... 

Looking Forward To
Summer time! And another girlie holiday! Booking end of the month and I can't bloody wait!

Amsterdam Weekender 2014

7 May 2014

Oh Amsterdam... Where do I begin?

Some of the bishes and I attended the Amsterdam House Weekender set up by a really cool dude, Caleb and an events organisation called Dem Boyz.
They do these kind of events every year but this was the first time I've attended, as well as the girls... and it was a trip to remember...

House music and Amsterdam... Yep defo couldn't miss that opportunity!

I wish I could write down all the crazy things that we got up this bank holiday weekend but what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam! Ha!

Seriously though.... I had such a good time and Amsterdam is an incredible city.... I do recommend!
Besides the legalised weed smoking isn't that bad either!

Check out some of the snaps below.
Sorry for the poor quality I didn't bring my DSLR so my iphone had to do suffice.

*Take me back...

I hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend! 

Keeping it 1 Hunna

1 May 2014

Some days you just wanna keep it 1 hunna...

Today was one of those days. 
To be really honest my mood is almost 90% 1 hunna, but i'm a women and I have to perform my womanly duties and get sexy from to time to time.
But as I mentioned 90% of the time I like to be comfortable.

This is the first tracksuit I have owned since leaving secondary school. 
I've been lusting over this Zara trackie for a hot minute. 
I initially purchased the womens version but the bottoms fitted me like leggings... honest to god I couldn't even get my it past my fat ass... and it was a L. So I went back for the mens a few months later. 
Fits like a figgin' glove.... 1 hunna style...

I recently posted on my instagram that I wanted a pair of high top Air Force 1s for summer and my amazing friend got them for me... now who's a lucky girl! 
Everyone knows that trainers never stay white with me as I like to break them in, but these babies are gonna stay as white as they come... we all know AF1s can not go dirty!

Wowzas we're in May already! Blink and it's gonna be Christmas!

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