11 May 2014

The pieces are coming together and I'm not complaining...
Ups and and the worst downs but now i'm living and it feels oh so good. 
Feeling complete and content, I feel like I'm living... for me...

Outfit time!

This is one of my many festival outfits for this summer. 
I intend on attending a few... can't wait to get the wellies on, a corona in one hand, good music in the back ground and party in the park like a crazy hippie!

When I went to Amsterdam last weekend we done a little sight seeing followed by a hunt around the shops. I spotted this kimono in the Monki shop window calling my name 'Michelle, Michelle...' and the rest was pretty much history... 

I have shopping issue. Yes I should get a slap on the wrist... 

Kimono - Monki (similar) | Dress - Primark | Body (underneath) - h&m | Boots - Zara

She's ready!

Right Now
Catching up on all the online shows with my home girl... just finished watching Revenge now on to Devious Maids.... oh and don't get me started with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta!!! The most rachet tv I've ever seen... yet I love it!

This Week
Back to work after turning up in Amsterdam.
Friday I think I got a little to cray cray so I was in my bed all day yesterday in-between footy training a skype meetings... 

Looking Forward To
Summer time! And another girlie holiday! Booking end of the month and I can't bloody wait!


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