Cool As Ice

28 May 2014

It's not everyday a co-ord has me whipped like an bixch...

Since putting on a few pounds.. stones... kilograms (the list can go on), I've noticed that not everything I like I can wear. I've had to dress for my body shape now. Before I never used to try on clothes because I was so skinny everything would literary look fine on me. 
Oh how things have changed!

Co-ords is one of them. The ones I lust over, you know the cropped topped - high waisted ones; my boobies are too big for the tops (I despise all you flat chesters!) ... and lets not start on the high waisted bottoms.... 

Moving on

H&M had the perfect co-ord for this summer. Still embracing the sports luxe look from last season, they brought out this textured co-ord which hides all my lumps and bumps and fits so snug I want to wear it all the time. They also have a few colours, but seeing as summer is coming up I opted for the white. 

I dressed this look down, as you can see via the pictures, but with some killer ankle boots and right accessories this can easily turn into a 'drinks with the girls' outfit. 

Co-ord - H&M | Socks - Beyond Retro | AF1s - Nike Town

Sitting here thinking I need a Holiday... 


  1. Love this look! Super cute and comfy!


  2. love this sporty look!



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