26 May 2014

Something a little different on the blog today. I thought I'll share some thoughts and feelings that I've been having lately. 
I'm working on a new project and thankfully I've been able to work with some influential, selfless people who have made me think differently on how I live. 


Inspiration can be drawn from many things, people we see everyday, things we see everyday, objects, music, YOU. 

Motivation is what drives us to become better than what we were yesterday.

The past week I realised the two in correlation is a powerful thing. 

I have always been proud of where I've come from even looked to my peers who have managed to come up with me and the ones who haven't. 

Our struggle and many challenges has made everything worth it. 

But when you meet people who genuinely care about others and are willing to put there life on the line to help them succeed you have to take a step back and re-evaluate why we do what we do. 

Living for yourself is creating opportunities for an individual, 
living for others is creating a reality for your community. 

*Image sourced from Google images. 


  1. Love the quote and I have to concur!!! =)


  2. love your blog , especially that your personality shows through it your gorgeous !:)


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