23 May 2014

Blog oh Blog, where for art thou?

Seriously though, I've missed you! 
I've been going though a few changes in my life recently and blogging has had to take a backseat. 
This week I told myself I need to prioritise needs and wants and VK is a want (which I bloody love) but borderline 'need' so even though I say this all the friggin' time I need to start scheduling posts as my foreseeable future may become a bit demanding... she wishes....

Have I been missed?

Yes, No, Maybe so?


So we've had some pretty cool weather right? You know what that means... get your legs out! 
My legs have always been my favourite asset on my body and at any given chance I will whip them out!
I predict loads of booty shorts this summer!

This outfit is my 'Relaxed' look. Something I literary threw on because I wanted to be comfortable running around in the sun. So LA...
Slip ons are becoming a staple piece this summer that I forget how many I used to own when Vans were the rage... in 2008/09.
I've used to work in high-street shoe store Schuh throughout my student days (those where the days) and these slip ons where the result of my discount. 
I'm really amazed at how I managed to keep them in such good condition! 

Blazer - H&M | T-Shirt - Topshop | Shorts (custom made) | Slip Ons - Vans via Schuh | Scarf - Alexander McQueen

Thank God Its FRIDAY!


  1. Yasssss for booty shorts!

    Shanika | | Rants, Reviews and Revelations

  2. love the the simplicity!!

  3. Simple, but beautiful as always

  4. so beautiful

  5. Nice look!
    Great blog! following you dear<3

  6. Love the relaxed look, beautiful x


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