Culettes Crazy

29 June 2014

Urgh... another fashion fad that I decided to partake in...

When they say that fashion does a 360 they wasn't wrong. I remember owning a pair of these a few years back... now i regret throwing them out as they could have mad a comeback!


It was a sunny day in London town and I was on my way to a meeting in central. SALE SALE SALE everywhere. Topshop SALE, River Island SALE, H&M SALE... I was in my element I tell yah!

However I hadn't secured a job yet so my last bit of money had to be used wisely. 
Bershka's sales are always pretty decent, and I normally can find an amazing item for next to nothing in the sales. 
Walking through the monstrous rails of sale clothing, I glimpsed over at the 'normal' priced items and she called me like she was my child... I kid you not. 

The Culettes of my dreams. 
'Try me...Try me' she whispered. 
I needed no more convincing. 

We was meant to be...


I've never felt so close to a piece of clothing ever. I hides all the lumps and bumps from the belly down and it's so free and comfortable. Plus white is perfect for summer!

I'm thinking about purchasing more but I know this phrase will be over come winter.

 Be prepared for midriff overload... FYI I hate my belly and these pictures are proof I need to hit the gym... more! 

 Top (made into a crop top) and Culettes - Bershka | Boots - Carvela for Kurt Geiger | Arm Bangle - Topshop

Right Now
Slightly hanging from a crazy night out...

This Week
Finally finding my feet (and voice) at my new job. It's pretty overwhelming coming from such a small indie company to a massive company but i'm enjoying it. 
I also watched 'Murdered by my Boyfriend' last night and I turned into a right old baby. It's such a horrific story and the fact that it's true makes me sick to my stomach that someone can do that to someone they claim they love. 
I could go on about this issue but I shall save my thoughts for another post...maybe. 

Looking Forward To
It's one of oldest and closest friends birthday this weekend and she is also expecting. I can't wait to see her this weekend to celebrate her birthday and baby shower! 

My Truth : My 20s

24 June 2014

I saw an Instagram post last week that prompted this post...

"Nothing will fuck up your twenties more than thinking you're supposed to have your shit together."



I will never forget the day I turned 21 and I said to myself that I need to create a life plan and accomplish it by the time I hit 30. 
I wanted to be married, have more kids, own my house and most importantly have the career I've always wanted... all by the time I was 30.
That meant I had 9 years to reach my goal.

I'm a monumental forward planner and pride myself on this immensely, I plan for everything in life - no joke, however sometimes life gets in the way and you can never plan for fuck ups

I was 21 going on 22 when I entered my first REAL adult relationship. I was still in my first year of University and to me education always came first.
That was the plan. University - Graduate - Get a job in my sector - work my way up while maintaining my relationship - get married - Live Happily Ever After

So I had the partner down, now all I needed was to complete and graduate University. Tick
Next - Get a job in Media. Tick
Work my way up - Semi Tick (currently still doing this!)

It was all going to plan... nothing like a plan that goes to plan...


Life sucked.
My relationship was toxic.
Job status was just a JOB
...and I simply wasn't happy

On the surface my life looked OK, but cracks started to show and slowly I gave up and my life literary came to a halt. 

I stopped caring about everything.

Only my closest knew what was I was going through, everyone else assumed it was a phase. It got so bad that I refused to celebrate my 26th birthday last year and even told all my friends not to wish me Happy Birthday.
I was in the worst place I could have ever been in my whole entire life and all I could think about is that I didn't want to be here anymore.
I couldn't sleep and I could just about eat.
Everyday I would wake up crying and go to bed in tears.

I literally shut myself out.

I was in a horrible place. 

It wasn't until I had a conversion with my friends and I mentioned how upset I was seeing all my peers settling down and I how felt like I had failed my relationship.

Then my friend turned to me and said...

"You think your old that's why your sad, but your not, you're still YOUNG and you have the rest of your life to settle down, NOW life is for having fun..."

It really hit home.

Why was I depressed and upset over something I couldn't control? 
Hell if I was 40, single, no job, house and all that Jazz maybe it would have been argued that my depression was valid, but I was only 26 with so much more life than sense and that's when it hit me. 


Life couldn't be any better and I've finally accepted that my 20's is for living and making mistakes. 
I was so caught up in thinking that I had to achieve more than I had and to acquire a lifestyle that wasn't for me. When in actual fact I LOVE my life and there's not one thing wrong with it!

Sure I'm single, not really sure how and when my career will really take off and don't own my house, but I'm bloody HAPPY and that means so much to me than you'll ever know!

Moving Forward

Don't get caught up on things you can't control, we are YOUNG make your mistakes now so that when you get older you can officially say you have lived and learned!

"Clap your hands if you feel like a room without a room..."

Now time for a well deserved Vodka Tonic...

In my shirt and panties of course...

Guest Blogger Ricardo Smith from YRH - CATFISH!

17 June 2014

Hello Virgos & Kisses readers... I'm Riccardo Smith, I have a blog titled... Young, Rich & Homeless but I'll be sharing my views with you guys on this fine day...

Here we go...

Have you lost your identity lately?

Looked in the mirror & seen someone else?

Dressed in a way in which you feel comfortable & others claim you're trying to be someone else?

If so please call 0800... Joking!


You just can't win in this world can you?...

Well you can but that's entirely up to you...

Opinions can impact us all so much but the ultimate decision in regards to how much we allow these things to get to us is up to us?


Seems logical and self-explanatory.

People do their utmost to make such an easy thing (life) complex.

Do what makes you happy.

Dress in a way in which you're comfortable.

Do you.

What I've done in this opening passage of writing is repeat what I've said all the way through.

Understanding is important & repetition reinforces.

Example... If you constantly do something, it then becomes a habit.

Positive or negative, so be careful!


I'm a 27-year-old male, from Afro- Caribbean lineage, born & raised in South west London.

I wear skinny jeans, statement jackets and footwear. I can't stand people who wear baggy clothes & designer brands just because of the price on the tag!!!


Can you believe wearing skinny jeans or fitted clothing can lead to your sexuality being questioned?

I have no problem at all with homosexuality. I have male and female friends in same sex relationships. It works for them.

Happy days but as for people being categorised based on how they dress is obscene.

I'm heterosexual for the record & love women. It's not for everyone.

I get that.

Thought I would just put that out there lol

The world we live in never ceases to amaze me.

Naive, narrow minded people everywhere!

Anyway I'm sorry to tell you but....

Aqua couture... played out!

True religion... played out!

Gucci... Played out! (Especially the wooly hat, scarf & belt combo)

Louboutin... PLAYED out!!!

I hope I don't get sued for this by the way or offend anyone who loves the brands listed above LOL

But I'm bored of it all...

Been there. Done that. Worn the T-shirt. Literally!

But these trends every one is following lately...

Would someone care to explain?

This obsession we've developed with buying everything every one else has, just to post a pic on Instagram or Twitter in order to keep up with the Jones’ is really pissing me off!

Can't anyone be him or herself?

Buy clothes that no one else is wearing?

Shoes no one else has...

It's so annoying that these high street brands such as Zara & Topshop mass-produce good quality items in an attempt to make profits because they're a business & every one else sees me wearing it, likes it, then makes the purchase!


I should write a complaint to the management there to ensure they don't sell anything to anyone else except for me because I'm the reason they're a global and a well-respected company.


Someone asked me what my pet hates are the other day...

My response...

"People who talk shit!... I can't stand that!"...

That's number one... Top of my list, people talking absolute rubbish!

Who am I or who are you to complain about what people wear or spend their money on?

I'm a walking contradiction aren’t I?

A hypocrite?

Based on all that I've written above?...

Opinions aren’t facts... Bare that in mind...

Moving on...

In some cases I do sympathise...

Nothing worse than going out and seeing a girl in the same dress from Topshop as you is there? LOL

Be honest ladies...

And the same shoes from Zara that compliment the dress so well...

Every girl’s worst nightmare...

Spending hours getting ready, turning up to the club & across the room you see someone wearing the exact same thing as you :(


These things are bound to happen...

I don't see what all the fuss is about to be totally honest.

Just accept that people may have similar taste to you and may have been inspired enough to replicate the look you went for... In addition to:


Nail colour...





Can I let you in on a secret?

I haven't always dressed in the way in which I do now.

Not to say I wasn't well put together or when called upon to make the effort, I couldn't.

Don't be silly LOL

I'm comfortable in a ripped up pair of old track suit bottoms, vintage T & dirty chucks to be honest.

Dressing up everyday isn’t my portion and to be quite frank, what reason do I have to dress up everyday?

My birthdays only once a year and I wear what I want to work within reason, so I'm cool.


I got older, saw what was happening around me and the way people were dressing...

People being labelled...

People going to jail...

Sounds extreme but its the truth...

When you live a certain way of life, the risks of getting into trouble with the law becomes high & when the authorities come knocking, they want to know how you amassed enough to be able to afford certain things including: the designer nudie or prps jeans and dsquared T shirts that cost the average persons weekly wage, in some cases more...

So look at it from that perspective...

& I didn't want to go to jail due to drawing attention to myself wearing certain things.

Didn't make sense...

I've never really gravitated towards designer labels to be fair...

Once my partner bought me a Louis Vuitton Belt for my birthday.

Over £300 for a belt!!!

I laughed, took it back the next day and got her a pair of trainers from the same brand, which were stolen at our friends’ party a few years later.

Crazy what people are willing to do to acquire material items... Steal a pair of worn trainers!


Some people even have sex... Male and female... In exchange for designer things...

Which is technically prostitution.

Sad state of affairs...

We'll discuss that another time...

Where are my manners? & Please accept my apology...

I may "LOL" a lot within the blogs I write but I think it's owing to the confused space I find myself in, regarding very serious situations.

I'm generally like this in life... Laugh a lot & don't appear to take much serious.

I'm like this because I accept that some things cannot be changed.


Back to them LV pumps quickly...

If they were a pair of Nikes would we still have them?


Now let's bring this all together...

The Catfish or my understanding of what a person who partakes in this kind of activity, is that they put on a pretense or facade in an attempt to get the attention of others for reasons beyond explanation...

Sounds bewildering.

The reality is that we live in a world full of lost identities...

Some people may appear to be lost due to what we believe is normal...

In both the physical & psychological forms...

Perspective & outlook play such huge roles in today's society.

As humans I think we are always growing, growth comes with experience.

You will be judged, there's no doubt about that...

Are you willing to let the opinions of others define your life?

Being comfortable in your own skin is imperative.

You need to stand firm and close what you believe in...

Some conform out of fear of not being accepted by the cool crowds, whilst some don't give a fuck & do what they feel is right for them...

I respect the latter. I feel fashion gives us an opportunity to express ourselves.

To be who you truly are...

Is the way you dress reflective of the person you truly are?

Do you like what you're wearing?

Have a think...

Be honest with yourself...

I'll wear skinny jeans until I don't like them anymore; not because of the banter I get from my mates.


It sounds so petulant but it's the little things like that, which can have a huge bearing on the decisions we make in life, not only in fashion.

Thanks for having me!

"Don't shoot the messenger!"...


If ever you want to stalk Ricardo you can do so below

Short Hair Don't Care!

15 June 2014

Ok I lied..

I'm not loving my short hair to be very honest. 
I just can't put my finger on it...
I don't know if it's because it highlights my fat face... 

Queue Violin

Or if it's because my head is incredibly large
Or even the fact that I can't flick my hair back on forth...
Who knows...

All I know is that my hair needs to grow for me to feel ultimately comfortable again. 

Such a drama queen

One thing that I am loving is my curls, perming my hair for so long I forgot I actually have nice curly hair and I just can't wait for them to grow longer so I can actually start styling my hair properly!

Pretty relaxed out on the blog today.
As summer is officially here my legs HAVE to be on show... they are my best asset you see...

Jacket and Earrings- Topshop | Dress - H&M | Trainers - Jordans via Footlocker | Earrings

Right Now
Catching up on Big Brother...
I'm the ultimate reality TV addict as I may have mentioned before and BB is another guilty pleasure!
Who else is watching this cringe worthy delightful TV?

This Week
So after trailing the entire world for a new job I finally landed a freelance job for a really well known broadcaster. Pretty excited as it's my first long term freelance gig so I've had to officially register myself as self-employed due to taxes etc. Kinda scary as I have to sort out my finances myself! Advice is welcome!

Looking Forward To
Enjoying being back at work!

Someone is randomly crying on Big Brother... meh...

New Chapter

7 June 2014

My current situation...

I've had to re-evaluate a few situations in my life recently and in order for me to take the next step into the 'New Chapter' of my life I've had to make some scary but well worth it changes. 
I've recently left my job to pursue a career in production. 
I worked for an amazing company called Creative Nuts, we supplied motion graphics mainly for broadcast and have been able to work on amazing shows like Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice and so many more to name a few. 
My passion is making content for TV, online, big screen, so working for a post production company I only got to experience the end process. 

Although I am going to miss my nutters I am so happy to take the next step into my career!

The past 2 weeks I've been on a crazy job hunt it's been very humbling yet such a drawn-out process.

Wish me luck!

In-between the endless cover letters, sending CV, job applications and emails. I've managed to get out and enjoy the sun. Most importantly taking some pictures for VK.

I took Cion to the science museum last week (which is amazing by the way! I do recommend.) and we stopped by Oxford Circus for a bit of shopping. I found this remarkable cut-out kimono which I haven't taken off since I've purchased. 
It's perfect for summer as I can throw it on over anything and it doesn't weight me down. 

Cut-Out Kimono and Hat - H&M | Dress - AX Paris (old) | Boots - Topshop (old)

Right Now
Thinking I need to hit my bed. 
Extremely tired! 
I went out last night and got a bit too drunk than expected... I'm feeling rather worse for wear as I type!

This Week
If you haven't noticed I've cut my hair... very short! 
I may have mentioned in a previous post that I was transitioning from permed hair to my natural hair and last Saturday I took the plunge and done the big chop. I could have cried when I saw all my hair on the salon floor, but it's for the best! 
I'm currently trying to come to terms with short hair and I personally don't think it suits me but hopefully with time I'll learn to love it... and if all else fails I'll fling the weave back in!

Looking Forward To
Can you tell how excited I am?!
Seriously season 2 has been released via netflix and i am still trying to figure out whether to watch it all at once of limit myself to two episodes per day... decisions decisions... 

Who else is an OITNB fan? 

Fazetees - The Amor Collection Shoot

3 June 2014

This weekend I had the pleasure of heading down to the official shoot for a brand new T-Shirt collection called Fazetees.

Fazetees is a uber sexy and cheeky new T-shirt brand brought to us by Amor Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Ruby Moore and her very close friend Fashion Designer Rachel Smith.

The collaboration between the two is immensely creative and being on set with both of the Fazetees founders you can see how the two creators compliment each other really well.
With Rachel being the creative behind the brand, she heads up the design side focusing on the look of the T-shirts, while Ruby concentrates on the marketing and branding of Fazetees. 

Shoot at the EarVision studio in Bromley it was the perfect setting for Fazetees first shoot!

I had such a fun time and can't wait for the launch, I for one will be first in line to purchase!

Fazetees will be launching July so look out!

In the meantime check out Amor Magazine online and look out for a free print copy near you!

Keep it Fazetee!

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