Fazetees - The Amor Collection Shoot

3 June 2014

This weekend I had the pleasure of heading down to the official shoot for a brand new T-Shirt collection called Fazetees.

Fazetees is a uber sexy and cheeky new T-shirt brand brought to us by Amor Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Ruby Moore and her very close friend Fashion Designer Rachel Smith.

The collaboration between the two is immensely creative and being on set with both of the Fazetees founders you can see how the two creators compliment each other really well.
With Rachel being the creative behind the brand, she heads up the design side focusing on the look of the T-shirts, while Ruby concentrates on the marketing and branding of Fazetees. 

Shoot at the EarVision studio in Bromley it was the perfect setting for Fazetees first shoot!

I had such a fun time and can't wait for the launch, I for one will be first in line to purchase!

Fazetees will be launching July so look out!

In the meantime check out Amor Magazine online and look out for a free print copy near you!

Keep it Fazetee!


  1. cool pics! thanks for sharing


  2. great photos
    looks like you had a great time
    Rachel XX

  3. This looks like such an awesome experience! Great pics x


  4. Looks like they are onto a winner here.....I shall look out for them! xx


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