New Chapter

7 June 2014

My current situation...

I've had to re-evaluate a few situations in my life recently and in order for me to take the next step into the 'New Chapter' of my life I've had to make some scary but well worth it changes. 
I've recently left my job to pursue a career in production. 
I worked for an amazing company called Creative Nuts, we supplied motion graphics mainly for broadcast and have been able to work on amazing shows like Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice and so many more to name a few. 
My passion is making content for TV, online, big screen, so working for a post production company I only got to experience the end process. 

Although I am going to miss my nutters I am so happy to take the next step into my career!

The past 2 weeks I've been on a crazy job hunt it's been very humbling yet such a drawn-out process.

Wish me luck!

In-between the endless cover letters, sending CV, job applications and emails. I've managed to get out and enjoy the sun. Most importantly taking some pictures for VK.

I took Cion to the science museum last week (which is amazing by the way! I do recommend.) and we stopped by Oxford Circus for a bit of shopping. I found this remarkable cut-out kimono which I haven't taken off since I've purchased. 
It's perfect for summer as I can throw it on over anything and it doesn't weight me down. 

Cut-Out Kimono and Hat - H&M | Dress - AX Paris (old) | Boots - Topshop (old)

Right Now
Thinking I need to hit my bed. 
Extremely tired! 
I went out last night and got a bit too drunk than expected... I'm feeling rather worse for wear as I type!

This Week
If you haven't noticed I've cut my hair... very short! 
I may have mentioned in a previous post that I was transitioning from permed hair to my natural hair and last Saturday I took the plunge and done the big chop. I could have cried when I saw all my hair on the salon floor, but it's for the best! 
I'm currently trying to come to terms with short hair and I personally don't think it suits me but hopefully with time I'll learn to love it... and if all else fails I'll fling the weave back in!

Looking Forward To
Can you tell how excited I am?!
Seriously season 2 has been released via netflix and i am still trying to figure out whether to watch it all at once of limit myself to two episodes per day... decisions decisions... 

Who else is an OITNB fan? 


  1. You look fierce!!! I Love the new cut you are working it.
    I have also been catching up on orange is the new black.

  2. the short hair suits you and love the kimono

    p.s. good luck with the job hunt x

  3. I love the kimono and dress together!

  4. such a lovely outfit!

    from helen at

    ps. you can win £250+ worth of beauty products on my blog right now, click here!

  5. Outfit is so on point I love it! And great blog, now following you on bloglovin'!!

    Peacock Fashion xxx

  6. The kimono is FANTASTIC. And OITND is totally worth watching in one go, so that you can rewatch it ;)

    x Justina //


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