Marry Me?

29 July 2014

We live our entire life searching for that perfect someone. 
Your soul mate, life partner... The male/female version of you. 
Love is the very reason we smile everyday, not just love for another human being but love for the things that are apart of our everyday life. 

There is something about weddings that change your prospective on love and happy endings. 
Let's be honest how many frogs have you or are you kissing to get your Prince?
Some are lucky and only have to kiss one, however if you're unlucky in love like myself a few may have crossed your lips... only to here those two special words... Marry Me?

Last week I had the pleasure of attending one of my longest friends in life; wedding.
Such a beautiful ceremony and she looked a princess. I seriously had to hold back the tears when she walked down the isle!

I wondered if I made a wedding faux pas opting for a white dress...
They say never wear white to a wedding... but in all honestly my first dress died from a zipper death and had to be laid to rest.


Dress - H&M | Shoes - Just Fab | Bag - Vintage

When you find your smile never let it go. 

Right Now
Working like a mofo

This Week
Been a quiet one have to say. Nothing to report... my life is boring now :(

Looking Forward To
Changing my hair again. At the moment I have braids in and once they come out I really want to experiment with colours. I'm thinking a deep blue or purple... suggestions are all welcome!


  1. What a lovely look! Those sandals are luuuuushhhhh!

    I think you would get away with wearing this white dress as its quite casual, with blue/yellow tones, and as its not a full-on gown :) xx

  2. simple an stylish , luv it.

  3. love this! and yeah theres something about weddings that makes me hope my prince comes into my life sooner than later. you look stunning

  4. Woke up early to post and come on your blog! I always love reading your posts and you seriously can guarantee bloggermoneyism. Yes those shoes you know I want haha.

    Love the right now, looking forward too and next week you do as well, great way to interact with your readership! Might have to steal the idea ;)

    Thanks for being amazing as always Michelle.. xx

  5. OMG I love weddings and what they represent#foreverever!! love the look its classy, chic and summery. loved that you styled it with a colourful shoe, a pop of colour always lifts an outfit. xx

  6. That is such a gorgeous outfit you wore to your friend's wedding. I don't think you should care much about wearing white like the bride; you still look stunning. ;) Love the Just Fab lace up sandals, the color is gorgeous and goes so well with the dress.

    I think you should go for a deep purple or burgundy; I'm imagining it now and I think you'd look fabulous. xx

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  7. Just found your blog! Gorgeous and I love your shoes xx

  8. Thanks for the comment on my blog!!!
    I saw this dress at work and it looks amazing on!! i love how you have paired it with those amazing shoes! x


  9. I love the intro & the dress looks great on you :)

    Yasmeen xx
    The Mirror Affects

  10. Gorgeous choice - also I loooove your septum ring, have recently ordered a faux one to see if it suits me (and because I'm too chicken to get it done for real!)

    Meena | Meena Means Me


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