Bare & Beautiful

29 August 2014

'We never noticed the beauty because we were too busy trying to create it'

Have you ever had one of those cringe-worthy moments when your running late for work or school and you decide that adding an extra 20 minutes to your lateness by applying your makeup isn't cutting it. So you head in make-up-less only to hear from a colleague or classmate "you look tired" or "You don't look well"... Yep...

I'm actually starting to get a complex and sometimes I feel as though I'm doing the world no good without applying my trusty concealer, mascara and eyebrow pencil, only to have to wipe it all off at the end of the day and start again the following morning...

Men have it so GOOD...

Bare & Beautiful is a blogger movement that I want to start with all you beauties.
All you have to do is a take a picture of your Bare and Beautiful face and write 5 random things that you love about yourself, then tag 5 bloggers to join in on the fun!

So here goes....

1. I love my birthmark on my neck that looks like a hickey... always a great conversation starter.
2. I love that even though I moan about everything in the world my friends and family still put up with me.
3. I love that I have a 10 year son that is growing into a little/big man. YIKES!
4. I love my need to always have something going on - even if it does run me ragged!
5. I love my make-up-less face because it shows all my scars and war wounds and most importantly it shows that I am not perfect.


I'm encouraging bloggers and anyone else who wants to join in on the fun to do the same and expose their Bare & Beautiful face. 
As women we feel the pressure of having to look perfect and yet your real beauty lies within.
Exposing our make-up-less faces will not only show that we are beautiful inside but outside as well. 

Lets get this movement going!

I am tagging the following bloggers

Shanika Says
Zeena Xena
They Call Her Mon

Enjoy ladies!


  1. Love it! I believe make up hides true beauty. Being perfect is knowing that your not perfect!

    Keep it up.

  2. You are so beautiful. Have IG?

  3. You look lovely without makeup! Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder. Love it

  4. This post or 'blogger movement' as you called it is such a good idea! Everyone needs to embrace their imperfections and you look SO beautiful without make up on!! <3 Your blog is lovely & I'm definitely following :) xoxo

    ♡Kudzai || NEWKIDBLOGS

  5. OMG! That's an inspiring post here! Awesome writing skills :) I love your style!

    In case you want to grow natural and healthy hair please visit my blog, i'm just beginning but it would mean a lot! Thank you!!! Kisses from Barcelona!

  6. Interesting initiative. I like it. ¿I can participate?

    1. Of course you can! Anyone can join in... please so send me the link would love to see it. x

  7. Awesome post! I think you look beautiful! and I hate the "you look tired" comment too so Ive got to the stage where leaving the house without makeup is not an option! but...I may take up your challenge!


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