Happy Girl

24 August 2014

"Happiness is not ready made. It comes from your own actions" - Dalai Lama

I will be the first to admit that I embrace negativity like a duck to water. Anything negative that comes my way I take it in and give it right back with negativity. 
I hate knowing that something so trivial can affect how I think and feel but it's something that I'm learning to control thankfully

I've noticed that I smile for no reason at all but because I am Happy
I am able to appreciate the good in people because I am Happy.
... and what's more important is when I'm faced in a difficult situation that gives me a chance to act out - I breathe and let it go - because sometimes it's easier to smile and walk away. 

Dress and Shirt Dress - Dorothy Perkins | Boots - H&M | Accessories - Asos and Primark

Refuse to water bad seeds they have no chance of growing.


Right Now
It's bank holiday weekend and I am dreading the events coming up for the next two days! I need to brace myself and figure out where I can fit in sleep time...

This Week
Got some great news which I will share with you next month - yay yay yayness!

Looking Forward To
Ignore the above statement... I can't wait to party!
It's my sister's 25th birthday this weekend so in true fashion we need to do it big! Can't wait to get my Freakem' outfit on and paint the town red!


  1. Cute. I like you style.

  2. Love seeing you happy! Beaut xx

    Shanika | shanika-says.blogspot.com

  3. Girl you look fab! I'm glad you're happy. Virgo season is here! I can't wait to see you get your dressing on. Whoop whoop


  4. Really lovely stuff x

  5. dorothy perkins is just love right? you look so happy in the photos ;)



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