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24 September 2014

Blogging for over a year and a half now I've learnt a few things on my blogging journey that I thought I could share with you guys...

I know when I first started Virgos and Kisses I was stepping into an unknown territory and would have loved for someone to explain how it works.

So here goes...

PS. Please don't take this for gospel...Everyone's views and opinions are different.


Never take it too serious 
I have a full time job and I try my best not to look at blogging as a my real job - as I have one which pays the bills - so I always try to have fun with it.
I remember when I first started, I got a lot of criticism from people I never knew telling me that my posts were random and I should stick to one genre. I felt disheartened - but I had to remind myself... I don't get paid for this ish! I can post what I like!

Blogging is a Community
In order to get readers and bloggers to come over to your blog you need to communicate with other bloggers and readers. Comment on their blog posts, join blogging communities on Facebook and Twitter and just use social media as much as you can - but be very careful not to spam!

Your bank account may take a few hits
I have learnt to control myself now, but I used to be heavily influenced by bloggers that would post amazing items... and my bank account would suffer. It's so easy to fall into - as bloggers tend to style items in ways which encourage you to purchase them - I have to remind myself that majority of the time they are being sent free things from PR companies. Where us Z-list bloggers (if you can call us that) have to spend our pennies to look half as good!

Freebies and Free events are not always beneficial
Who doesn't like receiving blogger mail and being invited to 'exclusive' fashion/blogger parties? I couldn't turn down a freebie or an invite for the world, but you also need to know your blogs worth. Not every item is your style and not every party is your scene. 

Re-Read your writing
One of my biggest learning curves from blogging.
I hardly used to re-read my work and if I did it would occasionally be once or twice. I recommend writing up a draft and going back to it the next day with fresh eyes. Spelling errors are the worst and my friends used to pick up on it straight away!

Invest in a DSLR
My pet hate on blogging is when images are grainy and have blatantly been shot from a phone. Don't get me wrong, iPhone and android have amazing picture quality and some bloggers that I follow produce stunning pictures via them but I kid you not, investing in a great DSLR will do your blog the world of good. 

Have Fun!
As mentioned above - blogging is fun.
It's your blog and I've realised that readers elevate to how your personality comes across. It's your name on the domain not someone else's. Have fun and let your personality show!

I would love to hear your tips on blogging too... leave comments!

*Images sourced from Tumblr.


  1. Your advice is so true. I have to admit I'm learning to control myself so my bank account won't suffer! Enjoyed reading this post

  2. Good advice, I've just started a blog about random personal travel experiences, so I'll be sure to take heed.

  3. haha totally agree about the bank account taking a hit! I find it sooo hard not to go on a spend after checking out my favourite blogs! great tips :)

    B xx

  4. Love this! All your advice is so on point and rings true!

  5. Great advice! I just wish I had the money for a DLSR! Maybe one day! Haha! :') Xx

  6. This post has really helped me. I've not been blogging very long and appreciate all the advice i can get xx


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