19 September 2014

I'm in weird place in my life right now.
Although I'm absolutely loving life and am the happiest I have ever been... EVER. 
I'm getting older and the denial is hitting me real hard.

On one hand things are good and I feel like I'm moving at a steady but practical pace but on the other hand I'm trying to understand where my life has gone and still trying to hold on to my youth.

My 23rd or 24th.... 


I suddenly find myself geeking out at art deco furniture and Pinterest boards that feature room decor as opposed to the latest fad like loom bands and Nike Air Jordans... 
My shoe collection has gone down immensely and flats are becoming more and more practical - comfort has taken over my life.
And let's not get started on how I'm starting to turn my nose up at fast food and willing to spend an extra penny on fine meat and mushrooms
I also drink an insanely amounts of cups of tea and I love being in my bed...

Although I love a good night out and let's be honest I won't ever say no to a cocktail or vodka tonic, I feel as though missing a party or two isn't going to crucify my social reputation.


It's my birthday in a few days and to be completely honest I'm not fussed about what I do.
I can't be bothered to plan anything elaborate like I have in the past and I'm too lazy and tired to do a crazy night out.
I wouldn't even mind laying in bed all day and watching rachet TV. That would be an ideal birthday...

Some please wake me up from the nightmare....


  1. I feel the same! what's happening to us?!

    Shanika || Rants, Reviews and Revelations

  2. Relating! I did get obsessed about loom bands though, I think I took it far worse though, it originated from knitting so, I kinda started doing that! I have evolded in to grandmadom, please contact me when you get here!

  3. I love drinking tea too >< happy early birthday, I hope it is a fabulous day!


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