The Watch Hut

31 October 2014

Last night I attended The Watch Hut Blogger party at their Covent Garden storee and I have to say it was an absolute treat!

I dragged the Man along to indulge in some blogger loving - to be honest I think he had more fun than me!
They presented us with Champagne and Prosecco on arrival and loads of lovely cupcakes!

The party started at 6pm but as I was coming from work we got there an hour late missing Kiera's (Buyer for The Watch Hut) presentation.
She still managed to talk us through each A/W trend showing us some breathtaking collections from astonishing designers such as Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and Armani to name a few.

I instantly fell in love with the Olivia Burton Big Dial watch in forest green and gold. Perfect for Autumn and is such a timeless piece that will never go out of style.

The Watch Hut have some great arm candy for this season - Just in time to pop down and get some impressive gifts for Christmas!

Just in case anyone wanted to purchase some TIME-less arm candy (see what I did there) then here's a hint: The Watch Hut (click)

Thanks you to The Watch Hut for having us!

COS... I'm worth it.

23 October 2014

I always have to remind myself that it is NOT ok to get attached to a piece of clothing.
But when I first laid my eyes on this Cos scarf (which is now on sale!) I couldn't stop talking about it - until The Man bought it for me. #smiles

Now that it is getting colder it's so much easier to wear as the bright canary yellow helps now that we have to say a permanent goodbye to summer for another year.


Ever since I bought this longline duster coat from Forever21 I haven't taken it off!
No exaggeration! It hasn't left my side.
My other coats have serious coat jealously right now.

Duster Coat - Forever21 | Scarf - Cos | Top - Bershka | Jeans - Primark | Trainers - Vans via Schuh

Right Now
Wondering how the FACK am I going to loose all this weight!
My son's grandma actually asked if I was pregnant last weekend...I could have cried.

This Week
I took my son to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I have to say my childhood came right back.
The new generation will never understand how amazing cartoons and our childhood heroes were.

Looking Forward To
Devon this weekend baby!
Just me, my girls, nature and VODKA!

Friday Ramblings

17 October 2014

Since weaning myself off diary I have been craving pizza all the friggin' time!

I've gained so much weight that I'm actually considering starving myself for a month.

Clearly the weight gain is from the excess drinking on the weekends....

XFactor is now becoming a NONFactor.

This week has been the biggest test of my life... I.AM.TIRED.

Following from 5. Can someone give me a neck massage... non London residents feel free to send me Spa vouchers. :P

Ebola is bloody scaring the hell out of me!

Seriously - If this disease is not contained we will fucking DIE!

Another 'Seriously' Moment... how bloody good is Scandal... each season gets better and better!

What the Fudge is up with Beyonce's new barnet.... No boo. Just no.

Duster Coat - Vulgar via Asos Marketplace | Shirt - Vintage via Berwick St | Skirt - Missguided | Boots - Primark

I am in pure love with this longline duster coat.


13 October 2014

How often have you ever thought about something you wanted to create - a look, a business plan or even redecorating?
How hard was it to achieve it?
But how amazing were the results? 


This was one of the hardest looks to nail down. 
I've had this sleeveless trench coat since summer - I've worn it a few times off the whim but nothing blog worthy. Every time I style it for the blog I look back at the pictures and realise how wrong I had got it. 

So I had to Think about the look I wanted to Create.

What I love about this trench is that it's very versiltile and can be worn dressed down for a casual look or dressed up for a high-end fashion look. 
My style is neither but somewhat inbetween.

You think I pulled it off?

Sleeveless Trench & Shoes- Missguided | Cullettes - Bershka | Top - Topshop

Right Now
Admiring my new blog layout.
Thanks to the lovely Serena over at Pretty Wild Things for hooking me up!
I wanted to go for a simple, editorial look and get rid of most of my widgets as I felt like it looked too messy and clogged up.

This Week
...has been somewhat crazy! I don't think I have time to even think - not that I'm complaining but sometimes you just need a five minute kitkat break to get your thoughts together.
One good thing that has come out of this week is that I've started back in the gym. Let's hope I can keep this up as the weight is piling on and I absolutely hate it!

Looking Forward To
Getting some well deserved sleep!
Early nights for me all this week!

I hope you all have had an amazing weekend. x

Mood - Black

8 October 2014

This sudden weather change has left my mood (and body) in the worst way.
I love the colder days because I get to hibernate but I hate RAIN!
The only time when rain is acceptable is at night - the soothing sound of rain on my window puts me right to sleep.. other than that the rain needs to stay away. 


I got this black maxi cotton dress from H&M's new collection 'Grey is the new Black'.
I absolutely love this collection, it's very dark and experimental - perfect for A/W.
The hooded detail adds a touch of evasiveness - which I love.
It's also really warm so you can pair it with jumpers and boots for when the weather starts to get colder.

Dress - H&M

Right Now
I should be working....

This Week
I've been so busy recently which has resulted in a back log of life admin that I need to take care of.
Jumping from one job to another (without any time off) has taken a toll on my life - this week the aim is to take care of everything I have been ignoring for the past few months!

Looking Forward To
My friend Nica is celebrating her 26th at a lovely cottage in Devon at the end of this month.
 I'm looking forward to getting out of London for a few days and turning all the way up for the weekend!

Two more day till the weekend!

Virgo Blue & Curly Hair

5 October 2014

I'm not a huge makeup lover - super basic and simple. However lipsticks are defo my go-to when I want to mix it up and change up my face-style. 
So when Ruby from Amor magazine contacted me to review Nizz Cosmetics, brand new limited edition lipstick called Virgo Blue it was a no brainer.


Nizz Cosmetics are true innovators in bold popping colours.
If you want to stand out from the crowd I would definitely recommend passing by their website to update your lipstick collection. 


The Test

I went out for dinner with the Man - a late birthday celebration.
Instantly I knew this was the perfect opportunity to wear this luscious daring colour. 
The creamy texture felt amazing on my lips and I only had to reapply once!
The lipstick doesn't stain and it's easy to remove but what I love about it the most is that it keeps my lips moisturised.
With most lipsticks (even Mac) I find that the colour fades quickly and tends to dry up my lips, which is why I prefer matt lipsticks - but with this particular lipstick I didn't have to worry about my lips once.
I also love that the colour doesn't bleed - so if you don't have a lip pencil not to worry Nizz Cosmetics lipsticks have you covered!

I'm currently stalking their website as I type!

Check out Nizz Cosmetics here, here and here.


She has new hair again!

Well it's not exactly new - but this time instead of popping down to brixton market and getting my trusty Isis beach wave curl, I decided to invest in some real human hair.
Cambodian to be exact.
My friend Danielle who owns Danielle's Hair Boutique specialises in human hair (weaves) and she has been raving on for ages that I need to try the Cambodian curl.
Curly human hair is the hardest to perfect as it's either really, really loose, doesn't drop properly or loses its curls a few days in, which is why I opt for synthetic hair when going for curly.
Nonetheless I decided to try out this new Cambodian hair - to be honest I was excited to have some genuine feel-good hair in my head again (apart from my own) instead of the synthetic hair that lasts for 3 weeks then matts like a fat dread-lock.

Shameful that I have to admit that.

Check out Danielle's Hair Boutique here, here and here

Goodbye September. Hello October

2 October 2014

There is something despairing about leaving September for another year.
Not only because it's my birthday month but because we officially say goodbye to Summer, the longer days and our Summer wardrobe.

Goodbye to the legs for another year. 

Although I'm sad to leave summer I'm welcoming Autumn/Winter with open arms.
I have to say I'm looking forward to the cooler-colder days. 
I can't wait to layer again and jazz up my A/W wardrobe with chunky knits, long oversized coats, faux fur and knee high boots. 

Which brings me to one of my recent purchases. 

Asos seem to have me locked down recently (they constantly spam my inbox - not that i'm complaining) and these boots called me like a baby for it's mother. 
Yep. They had to be mine. And for £39.99... it would have been rude for me not to purchase!

Right Now
Sitting on the edge of my bed listening to slow jams and old skool R&B.
Seriously reminiscing!

This Week
My son injured himself on the BMX track last weekend and it resulted in him breaking his thumb, a night in A&E and a few hospital appointments. 

Looking Forward To
The last few weekends have been super duper crazy and all I want to do is chill the fuck out!
Now that Cion has broken his thumb it means no footy this weekend - no early mornings! Yay - I get a lie in... 

Weekend is approaching!

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