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23 October 2014

I always have to remind myself that it is NOT ok to get attached to a piece of clothing.
But when I first laid my eyes on this Cos scarf (which is now on sale!) I couldn't stop talking about it - until The Man bought it for me. #smiles

Now that it is getting colder it's so much easier to wear as the bright canary yellow helps now that we have to say a permanent goodbye to summer for another year.


Ever since I bought this longline duster coat from Forever21 I haven't taken it off!
No exaggeration! It hasn't left my side.
My other coats have serious coat jealously right now.

Duster Coat - Forever21 | Scarf - Cos | Top - Bershka | Jeans - Primark | Trainers - Vans via Schuh

Right Now
Wondering how the FACK am I going to loose all this weight!
My son's grandma actually asked if I was pregnant last weekend...I could have cried.

This Week
I took my son to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I have to say my childhood came right back.
The new generation will never understand how amazing cartoons and our childhood heroes were.

Looking Forward To
Devon this weekend baby!
Just me, my girls, nature and VODKA!


  1. Love the colour pop of the scarf and your hair in this post!

    And The Man...erm when are we meeting for dinner to discuss this?!?!?! xx

    Shanika ~

    1. hahaha Shan! Yes... she has a new boo :P. A catch up is on the cards without a doubt! Lets round the girls up and do something before xmas. x

  2. love the pop of colour! you're looking hella fly woman! love it. have your hair natural always. you look great

  3. Lovely simple outfit - loveeee the scarf! x M


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