Virgo Blue & Curly Hair

5 October 2014

I'm not a huge makeup lover - super basic and simple. However lipsticks are defo my go-to when I want to mix it up and change up my face-style. 
So when Ruby from Amor magazine contacted me to review Nizz Cosmetics, brand new limited edition lipstick called Virgo Blue it was a no brainer.


Nizz Cosmetics are true innovators in bold popping colours.
If you want to stand out from the crowd I would definitely recommend passing by their website to update your lipstick collection. 


The Test

I went out for dinner with the Man - a late birthday celebration.
Instantly I knew this was the perfect opportunity to wear this luscious daring colour. 
The creamy texture felt amazing on my lips and I only had to reapply once!
The lipstick doesn't stain and it's easy to remove but what I love about it the most is that it keeps my lips moisturised.
With most lipsticks (even Mac) I find that the colour fades quickly and tends to dry up my lips, which is why I prefer matt lipsticks - but with this particular lipstick I didn't have to worry about my lips once.
I also love that the colour doesn't bleed - so if you don't have a lip pencil not to worry Nizz Cosmetics lipsticks have you covered!

I'm currently stalking their website as I type!

Check out Nizz Cosmetics here, here and here.


She has new hair again!

Well it's not exactly new - but this time instead of popping down to brixton market and getting my trusty Isis beach wave curl, I decided to invest in some real human hair.
Cambodian to be exact.
My friend Danielle who owns Danielle's Hair Boutique specialises in human hair (weaves) and she has been raving on for ages that I need to try the Cambodian curl.
Curly human hair is the hardest to perfect as it's either really, really loose, doesn't drop properly or loses its curls a few days in, which is why I opt for synthetic hair when going for curly.
Nonetheless I decided to try out this new Cambodian hair - to be honest I was excited to have some genuine feel-good hair in my head again (apart from my own) instead of the synthetic hair that lasts for 3 weeks then matts like a fat dread-lock.

Shameful that I have to admit that.

Check out Danielle's Hair Boutique here, here and here


  1. Gorgeous look!

  2. Hot!

    Shanika |

  3. This colour looks nice on you! Love the septum ring too!

  4. the colour suits you so well. you look amazing. xx

  5. i'm loving that lipstick on you! great look and hair

  6. What are the ingredients in the lipstick? I've emailed the company and they basically ignored my email ... Its a beautiful colour on you btw ...


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