Grey Moments

12 November 2014

Grey moments are in-betweener moments. 
You don't necessarily feel happy or sad but some what in-between. 
The stage before you either freak out or get over it.

Some of my Grey Moments


When I order a Gin and Tonic and the bartender pours 1 shot of gin and the entire bottle of tonic

When I've worked out at the gym for a whole week yet the scales doesn't vindicate this

When I'm getting ready for the day ahead and I look out my window and it's super sunny, but as soon as I step out side its a bloody hailstorm

When the hot guy you've been eying all night finally talks to you - but before he gives you his number he mentions that he may have a girlfriend... side piece or nah?

When one side of my hair is looking hella cool yet the other side doesn't want to agree

When you have nothing to do all day at work then suddenly at the last hour the workflow gets crazy

My entire existence...


This outfit is pretty much a grey moment.
Although it oozes grey on the outside - inside I'm slightly in-between yay or nay.

I love this Roll Neck Cape from ASOS - so comfy and perfect for this gust of coldness that has been sprung upon us - yet I feel slightly huge and almost pregnant looking from certain angles. 
No sympathy comments please.
I adore my Joni high-waisted skinny's from Topshop - yet since piling on the weight they almost look spray on.
So what I'm getting at is that I love this outfit - just not on me.

I know what you're thinking... that coat again... 

Coat - Forever21 (similar) | Roll Neck Cape - ASOS | Jeans - Topshop | Boots - Zara | Fedora - H&M


  1. Haha you plum! Just like your lipstick shade ;0

    Shanika ~

  2. Hahhhh! I love this! I'll add to your grey moments. When you dress up and look all spiffy and your plans get cancelled or the event is a bore. Waste of an outfit!

    Thy Bliss Calls

  3. I love this look, definitely perfect for colder weather. And I really love your lipstick!
    x, S
    (very new beauty blog)

  4. love this look! you look fab! so stylish

  5. Cosy jumper. Agree with the gym point. Same problem here!

  6. Love the jumper! This outfit is great.

    Skin & Roses

  7. Your outfit is so cool. Everyone has grey moments at what point or another, cool post. xx

  8. Feels like I haven't stopped by in ages! You Look great as always doll. xx


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