Throwback... On a Sunday?

23 November 2014

Admittedly I've been a bad blogger. 
For the past two weeks I haven't shot any new content nor have I had the desire too. 
The colder days makes me want to hibernate and stay in bed. The weekdays seem so long that all the weekend makes me want to do is concentrate on everything else except putting outfits together, finding locations and shooting. 
And that's not to say I haven't had anything new to shoot as ASOS have seen me one too may times in the past two weeks...

I've just simply slipped into bad blogger mode. 

This morning prompted me to dig into my archives and un-posted shoots and I stumbled across this beaut of an outfit. 
I bought this for Ceremony Festival in September but never got around to blogging it. 
Such a shame as this is the first co-ord that I have ever liked and complimented me well. 

This co-ord is perfect for the festival season, I love the detail and the tasselling - not too heavy.
This is definitely an outfit that will be making another appearance next year. 

But for now... Enjoy my Throwback.

Right Now
Currently watching Batman Begins.
I've watched so many films this week starring Christian Bale and I've never realised how amazing an actor he is. He is definitely one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood.
I can't wait to watch him in, Exodus: Gods and Kings which is out next month.

This Week
Busy as per. I honestly have nothing to report as my life pretty much consists of:
Work - Home - Sleep and Repeat.

Looking Forward To
Celebrating my son's 11th Birthday next weekend. I can't believe my little baby is growing so quick! It's scary to know that I have a little man and this time next year he will in secondary school! Yikes!


  1. This is a dope co-ord, very different to ones I've seen around.
    I'm in bad blogger mode too...must be the season!

    Shanika ~

  2. It's the season. I start shivering just thinking about the cold. Loving the whole Outfit, specially the boots!

    Anne| The Twenty Sumtin Sumtin

  3. Ooooh love love love this co-ord!! xx

  4. Ohh that's a nice outfit! yuup they sure fit perfectly and compliment you. xxx

    I have a giveaway on my blog! Come check it out


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