End of Year Reflections

31 December 2014

Dear 2014,

Thank you for accepting me and allowing me to grow into the women I am today. I have learnt a great deal in this one year than I have in any another and for that I am thankful.
You will be missed.
 I will never forget the fun we have had but for now it's goodbye.


I've been thinking how to word this post exactly as this year has been one of the most testing yet best years of my life... and I say that with NO exaggeration. 

After mourning the loss of a toxic relationship in 2012/2013 I made it my mission to be a better individual to myself and love myself unconditionally.

The year started off with a bang celebrating with all my loved ones and from there the year has become one massive party... literally.
2014 definitely taught me how to go for what I want in life and not to take NO for an answer.
I've become more responsive and understanding to other peoples feelings whereas in the past I was very naive to situations and often didn't give people the benefit of the doubt - That's the mean girl in me. :(
I've also learnt not be walked over.
I know this is a contradiction of the above but I've let a lot of things slide in the past and it became habit to say YES to people rather than NO.

It hasn't been an 'all win' kind of year. I've lost a few close friends that have been very dear to my heart.
But it was for the best. 
Reflecting on friendships has been one of the hardest battles I have fought this year. When you see friends become destructive you have no choice but to exclude yourself and that's what I had to do.
It has also been a very selfish year for me.
I have LIVED how I have wanted to live and LOVED how I wanted to love - but unfortunately some of my 'friends' couldn't accept my selfishness to MYSELF hence why we parted ways.

One of the best things that has happened to me this year has to be finding my feet in the media industry. When I graduated from University I was lucky to be able to get a job in media however, I was still very green and not sure if this was what I wanted to do. This year I have jumped from job to job and even dabbled in Freelancing but now I have found somewhere, where I can grow and most importantly LEARN.

But without a doubt THE best thing to come out of 2014 is finding love again.


I have been feeling in the last few months that I want to change it up on the blog. I love the fashion posts and enjoying showing you guys my personal style but when I wrote 'My Truth: My 20s' I never knew how much I would enjoy writing such a meaningful post and I think I want to start writing more on VK. Now that's not to say that I won't be posting Personal Style because lord knows I love to shop and pose! But if 2014 has taught me anything it's to be myself and be more open.

Happy New Year peoples! I hope you all have an amazing 2015!

A Touch of Beige

16 December 2014

We celebrated my friend's birthday this weekend at an all you can eat Chinese/Thai restaurant in Cheam. I promise you we ate so much food I was still full the next day.
I'm currently suffering from pregnant belly as I type.
The restaurant isn't like your bog standard all you can eat buffet. It's more like order as much as you like. So the food is freshly prepared and served to you.

Even though the weather was cold as a bitch I still wanted to get the legs out. So I opted for this cute midi skirt that I picked up from the Voucher Codes Blogger Swap shop.
It's perfect to dress up and down and this occasion I dressed it down with my denim boyfriend shirt and black ASOS ankle boots.

Trench - Primark | Shirt - H&M (similar here) | Skirt - Dorothy Perkins (similar here) | Boots - ASOS (similar here) | Bag - River Island

Right Now
... I wish I was in my bed.

This Week
Back in the gym! Hooray! After a one month hiatus I've finally dragged myself back. I have put on an insane amount of weight and it's super depressing. I know I always rant about how I feel fat and I've put on so much weight but when you start to feel depressed everytime you put on clothes you will understand.

Looking Forward To
This weekend we are starting the festivities! Last year I hosted Secret Santa for my closest friends and due to the success we are doing it again this year.
I haven't requested anything crazy this year as I feel like I've got everything I need. So I've asked everyone who is getting me presents and my secret santa to get me amazon vouchers so I can buy a new lens for my Canon. Originally I was looking at the 24-105mm lens but I would rather a prime wide angle lens like a 24mm, 28mm or 35mm... so I'm saving! 


8 December 2014

I haven't done a wishlist in the longest! So when Alice from Spreading Jam PR contacted me about the #NextMasWishlist competition I was all over it like a rash. 

Firstly I have been lusting over the Celine pointed loafers for sometime now but trying to find the right dupe hasn't been easy. I came across these and these next last month and they have been on my saved list for sometime now so they definitely had to be added to my list!

I'm also in desperate need of a new leather jacket. I've had my Topshop one for 3 years and it's served me well. It's still managed to remain perfect although I'm on the hunt for a replacement and this quilted one from Next will do perfectly.

I've made a conscious decision to be at home more and make my house as comfortable as possible so I never want to leave and go to my mums. With that being said I'm redecorating my house starting with my front room and I reckon that this silver mirror will look just the part hanging above my TV.

Christmas is all about family and spending time with your loved ones. This year I decided to host Christmas at my house - I'm hosting for 12 people and I'm literary freaking out! It's definitely going to be a challenge as I've never catered for so many people but I'm looking forward to being around my family and friends. This Next 12 piece dinner set will make my Christmas that oh so much christ-massy! 

Lastly I can't forget this cosy grey robe and white fur collar. It's been so cold lately that these will surely help me tackle those cold mornings and nights!

What do you guys think of my list and what are your faves?

Adidas Superstars

2 December 2014

If there's one thing that I've been influenced to purchase from bloggers it has to be trainers.
I'm not a trainer girl by a long shot. I left them behind when I got into my late teens.
But recently they've been pretty cool to have as a grown up.

I've been seeing the Adidas Superstars and Stan Smiths all over the blogsphere and tried my hardest not to give in but when I tried on these bad boys in Schuh they won me over.

I never realised how easy it to style them. You can literally wear them with anything and still look cool - in an older cool adult way.

Adidas Superstars - Schuh | Coat - Forever21 | Top and Blazer - H&M | Trousers - ASOS

Right Now
Trying to remain cool... Cool as friggin' ice baby.

This Week
Slightly crazy but nothing I can't handle! It was my son's 11th birthday on the 1st so we had a little celebration. He wanted a DSLR like mine so he could film and take pictures so I surprised him with a Panasonic Lumix. 
A mini me in the making maybe?

Looking Forward To
I'm loving all the Christmas decorations and the festive spirit. I've managed to buy all my presents and even put up my tree on the weekend. So now I'm going to sit back and relax.

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