Weekly Feelings #2

28 January 2015

You ever wake up from a night in of drinking and realise you drank a hella lot?!
Yep that was me on Saturday night.
What was supposed to be a chilled night in with a bottle of Rum that my friend Elisha got me from her travels to Barbados turned into - dancing around the front-room in our PJs to Katy Perry's 'California' a few dozen vodka red bulls later.

The mix of Rum and Vodka with a dash of Procesco here and there did not mix well on Sunday morning when I woke hanging like a fig.
That was a lesson learnt. 

Gym Life
I've been going to gym regularly and last week I even managed to go for 5 days! Even rocked up on a Saturday (very proud of myself). 
Although I'm getting slightly annoyed as I don't feel like I'm seeing a difference, especially as I'm now entering my 4th week. 
The Man has toned up like a beast and I'm here looking like a pop belly pig.
(no sympathy comments please)

Missing the Kids
I haven't seen my beautiful God Children in ages. 
I'm a bad God Mother and I admit it. I miss them so much. 
I've been so busy lately that I've noticed more and more that I'm neglecting the treasures in my life and need to make more time for them.
The plan is to have them this Saturday and head up to Woburn Safari Park with Cion. 
Yay... Lion's and Tigers!

I've been getting more and more responsibility at work recently. Something which I craved when freelancing at Sky - although I'm starting to feel the strain. I find myself forgetting the little things and if I haven't written down actions in my notepad it will slip my mind! Prioritising used to be my best asset now I feel like I'm loosing control slightly.
Recommendations on how to maintain a healthy workflow?

The Blog
I want to take the blog more seriously.
Although it's always been a look into my personal style I want to incorporate more than just Fashion. I'm thinking of showing you guys a little more into the life of Michelle rather than Virgos and Kisses. If you have any comments/recommendations on what you would love to see from me let me know!


  1. I'd love to see more lifestyle stuff. And keep up the gym! haha

    Shanika ~ shanika-says.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I was like this before Christmas with the gym, I never saw any progress but they say it takes 6-8 weeks until you see improvement apparently. Keep it going though!!

    Franki x

  3. awww i love these, can't wait to read more lifestyle post about Michelle haha


  4. I can totally relate to nearly almost all of these points. I am hopeless at exercise. I used to be that skinny girl that could out eat 3 grown men and not put on an ounce of weight. But my metabolism and zero gym routine has truly caught up with me. I feel your pain! The blog is something I want to give more time to - but naturally, with anything in life, you give more to one thing, you will have to give less to something else... Good luck with both Chick! xxx



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