Internship with DixonBaxi

25 February 2015

Calling all my Creative Interns!

As some of you may know - or do not know I work for Creative Branding Agency DixonBaxi and we are currently looking for some interns to come on board!

Check us out here:

You don't have to skilled at anything - but it would be amazing if you had interest in the below

Brand & Advertising
Film & Video

And for some light reading... check out or feature in YCN Magazine 

Yes I am pluggin' my company... and woooot! :P

LFW Day 1

Apologies for my late post as LFW has now ended.. *Sad Face*.
I've had a nightmare with my laptop. 
My work laptop is getting fixed and the trackpad on my personal laptop has decided to give in which makes it hard to edit pictures. Luckily I have an external mouse...

Anyhoo I'm back on form now and lucky for you guys I finally can give you the scoop on Day 1 at LFW.

I dragged Mani along because he's never been and he's really into Fashion. Plus he's a great photographer so it saves me having to take pictures at the shows - I can just sit back and enjoy!

Our first show of the day was Jamie Wei Huang at Fashion Scout. I've been following her for a while now ever since Lady Gaga stepped out in a white two piece ensemble in 2013. So you can imagine my excitement to be invited to her AW15 collection.

Jamie stayed true to the AW colour palette by adding touches of leather and fur. Her collection was almost grunge with a touch of sexuality...

"The collection sets aside society’s expectations of women, and emphasizes their buried desires and fantasies with elegance and subtlety. ‘Nymphomaniac’ uses metaphors, to unravel the struggles the main character experienced while contradicting society’s viewpoints on love, sex and pain. Eventually coming to peace with her subconscious and embracing her true being."

One of her pieces that had me frothing from the mouth was the oversized red shearling biker jacket. Definitely something I could see myself in this A/W.


The second show of the day was James Kelly's Merit Award at Fashion Scout.
I saw a lot of oversized trench and bomber coats personified as dresses which was very cool. 

We were scheduled to see the Amber Asham show as well as the Portugal Fashion show at Fashion Scout however Amber Asham was over capacity and to be honest after all that waiting I couldn't be asked to stick around.

Day 2 at LFW I fell sick so I had to give it a miss. 
Such shame as I was supposed to attend: 
Asli Polat, HEMYCA, Apujan, Pavane, Mimi Tran, Soojin Lee and Zapnep.
Next season hopefully!

Look out for Day 5 at LFW!

Did you attend any shows?

Happy LOVE Day

13 February 2015

I haven't been one for the big V day. Maybe it's because I've had a few messed up relationships therefore Valentines day would remind me of how much of a failure I was at picking men.
Nonetheless it's lovely to be admired even if it's just for one day.

Last year I spent Valentines Day with the girls getting drunk and trying on my old wigs singing songs to Nicki Minaj's 'Looking Ass'. - Yep we were properly hating men this time last year.

This year my sister and I are taking my Mum and Son for lunch, then in the evening I have a special night planned with The Man.
I think it's important to not only focus on your other half but your family as well. I don't want my mum or son to feel left out on this day so I thought it would be nice treat to treat them too.
Plus mum is looking after Cion while I  indulge in some Valentines day romance!

What are your plans for Love Day?
Are you Anti or Pro Valentines...?

Weekly Feelings #3

6 February 2015

This past week has been very draining and mentally unpleasant.
I haven't been in the best of moods and that's probably because I'm going through that phase that every women goes through once a month.
It's always shitty and I just don't feel like talking to anyone let alone having to deal with my emotional state.
What's worse is that I've been eating terribly and haven't been working out so my mental state has been defeated once again!

I thought about not posting this weeks Weekly Feelings because of the above - but if I give my self a day off on a commitment it will become habit and sooner or later these posts will be non-existent.

Valentines Day
Who's excited?
To be honest I would rather not be forced to spend a day with other couples at an over priced restaurant or the movies.
Besides when you have a good guy everyday is like Valentines Day.... Apart from when your emotionally tearing each other apart because he forgot to acknowledge the effort you put into that outfit you wore Saturday night.... *cries*

With that being said - my kitchen is being redone so I'm cooking a 3 course meal for the Mr at his flat - I'm kinda nervous in an excited way.

One of my all time favourite hip hop rappers of all time is coming to London and I managed to grab tickets this morning before they all sold out.
Made me morning considering the week I've had.

Missing My Friends
I've been missing the girls a lot recently.
If you're reading this bitches I MISS YOUR FACES!
They promised to come and see me on Sunday so we get to have a little gossip and catch up.
Good Times!

Blogger Collaboration
Last weekend I met up with the oh so fabulous Toya from Champagne & Stilettos blog and believe me when I tell you she is everything her blog title says.
She's gorgeous, stunning and has a great sense of humour.
Toya started a blogger collaboration with Fashion Bloggers on a styling challenge and I was so happy when she selected me to be one of her styles.
Our challenge was Faux Fur.
Check out her blog next week to see how we styled this!
The picture above is a little preview!

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