Missed You!

6 March 2015

My current LinkedIn pic... Thought I would share...

Yikes... I've fell off haven't I!

It's been hella dramatic since London Fashion Week and I still need to post Day 5 for you beauts.
I can only apologise the the lack of blogging.
I could make 1000 excuses but the reality is that LIFE is a bit more hectic than usual.

I will back on top form next week with 'Weekly Feelings' and 'Day 5 of London Fashion Week'.
And I also have a few lifestyle and outfit posts planned so stay tuned...
I'll BE BACK! (Arnie voice)


  1. I know how you feel - sometimes life just happens and the days wizz by!

    Happy Monday Michelle!

    Daisy x / www.daisybloomingjane.blogspot.co.uk

  2. You're stunning! X


  3. Beautiful as always Michelle, and i TOTALLY feel you on life just going by! Come back to blogging soon! <3



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