That 'one shoulder dress'

28 April 2015

There's something about the 'one shoulder dress' that oozes classiness with a subtle hint of sexy - giving you a little more skin without showing too much. 
Whoever invented such a genius dress gets a massive high five from me!

I wore this little number from ASOS on our first night in Majorca. 
I'm loving western style belts recently and managed to pick up this tanned version with a silver buckle in the ASOS sale a few months back.
Adding colour, it gives that extra pop to the dress.
I would have loved to of paired it with a a long line necklace but packing meant the little (but much needed) things got left behind.

Dress, Bag and Belt- ASOS | Shoes - Zara


Right Now
Laying in bed waiting for the Mani to leave the gym. 
He's such a gym freak - couldn't wait until we got back home!

This Week
Pretty much enjoying Majorca and getting my blogging mojo back in tact!
It was my 2nd blogging birthday last week but I was super busy at work and prepping for my holiday I haven't managed to celebrate so this week a celebration is due and I have a lovely surprise in store for you beauts!

Looking Forward To
Enjoying the beach later!

How's the weather back home?


  1. Cute dress! We've been having typical spring weather, very hit and miss lol.

    Courtney from Two Looks, One London | Fashion, Beauty, Life... .x.

  2. the last shot - you looks so carefree and beautiful x


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