Weekly Feelings #4

9 April 2015

Oh wow... It seriously has been a while. 
I have no excuse only that the lack of motivation to blog has caused this long hiatus. 
I'm sorry for inconsistency but not sorry for not posting as the lack of desire throughout my posts and writing would have shown. 


Moving on... I'm laying here at 6.21am (Miami time) in my hotel eating gummy bears from the mini bar and w
hats worse is that I'm contemplating opening that bottle of gin so see if it would make me go back to sleep but the slight conscience of knowing that I have a crazy day ahead of me from 12pm is swaying me negatively.

So what I'm trying to say is what the F**K have you guys been up to?

I have missed blogging and missed reading all your blogs and if I troll through my bloglovin' feed of the thousands of unread blogs I'll probably loose my mind... so help me!

Leave your recent blog posts below and I'll read every single one! 

disclaimer: you have to leave it within the next 2 hours to insure me reading :P

Hope you all are well. x


  1. It's always good to take a break and come back though :) x

    www.amortee.blogspot.co.uk (latest post is on beauty products for less money)

  2. Aw, nice to see you back. Really enjoy your blog xx

  3. Michelllllle! I can't wait for you to come back!



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