To the Movies

11 May 2015

I can finally say I've seen Fast and Furious 7!
I have to say considering this could possibly be the last one ever... (RIP Paul Walker) I was slightly let down. Now don't get me wrong the film ticked every box for the typical action adventure and of course possessed the essential layout of the Fast and Furious films before it - however I felt like I wanted more.

Anyhoo - enough movie talk...

This is what I wore to movie night with Mani.

I recently purchased this Aztec print coat from Boohoo. 
I was on the look out for a shorter version to pair with shorts and skirts for the summer but I couldn't find any that had taken my fancy. Luckily Boohoo had something similar. I love the print  and the colour is oh so summery

I can't wait to wear this more on those warm summer nights. 

Aztec Coat - Boohoo | Top - Primark | Skirt - H&M | Bag - ASOS - Sunnies - Majorca

Right Now
Laying in bed suffering from a horrible fever.
I've been feeling the strain since last Friday so I had to take an Uber home from work. (Yes to those who don't know I have finally joined the Uber train and it's bloody amazing!)
The weekend went smoothly although I keep feeling really sluggish then today it hit me like a bitch.
Luckily I mocked up most of this post last night so my ability to form sentences right now is rather shoddy.

This Week
Or should I say last week consisted of post holiday blues.
Although I was happy to be back I was still in holiday mode and for some reason couldn't shake it even at work.

Looking Forward To
Seeing my boo thang J Cole in Birmingham this weekend!

Back to bed I go...

Post Holiday Blues

5 May 2015

There's something about the post holiday blues that makes you feel like booking another holiday as soon as you step off the plane. That depressed feeling you get when you arrive in Gatwick, the blast of cold air that reminds you how unpredictable the British weather can be and the sad look of every passenger when they come to the realisation that it's back to reality.
Don't get me wrong - Britain, London will always have my heart but the sun has a way of luring me in and making me feel content and carefree.

What made this holiday pretty special is that it was Mani and I first officially holiday. 
And what's even more special is that I didn't plan one bit of it! I left it all to the Mr. to plan and execute everything. 
And l'm not the easiest of people to please. 
Further more it takes a lot to convince me not to get involved in planning as I'm a friggin' perfectionist. But he did a great job - our hotel was lush so he got a few points for that!

Although he did me proud, I shall be taking on the holiday planning from here!

Check out a few of my fave snaps from our hols.

Missing Majorca already...

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