Staple Dress

14 November 2015

I finally had a chance to shoot this gorgeous H&M dress.
It's such a staple A/W piece.

I remember when I first set eyes on this dress in the store window of the Brixton H&M branch but I was in such a rush I that I didn't even think about it.
And then I noticed it again in the Angel H&M store and I knew I had to have it.
For a whopping £15 it was pretty hard not to purchase... but the icing on the cake was the extra 20% off by signing up to the H&M mailing list on that particular day! 

I will confess that it's slightly big for me so anyone wanting to buy I would recommend getting a size smaller.
I'm too lazy to bring it back so I'll rock it big and nip tuck where necessary! 

Have you managed to pick up any A/W staple pieces?

ps. Rocking my natural hair on the blog since I've done the big chop! (Which was a year and a half ago may i add - I can't believe how much it's grown.
You like?
pps. It's back in weave now :P

Right Now
Indulging in some reality TV...
I shall not divulge in the show name but let's just say its super juicy!

This Week
I received some amazing but well deserved news this week.
I got a promotion at work!
I won't go into to much detail as my job and the blog are two different parts of my life that I prefer to keep separate, however you are now looking at the new Junior Producer at DixonBaxi :)

Looking Forward To
Is it too early to say that?
I popped into TK Max today and was totally embracing the Christmas vibe. I even managed to buy my first christmas gift.... eeek!

Hello Autumn

8 November 2015

Awwww guys I can't believe the last time I posted was just over 2 months ago!
That is some serious neglect....

On the flip side I've been keeping myself busy whilst I've been MIA.
Work is the obvious one, Cion has finally started secondary which is hella scary but such a blessing and I also celebrated my birthday in September - if you follow me on instagram you would have seen that the Mr whisked me away as a surprise to Morocco which was sha-maazing!
I celebrated a few more birthdays and indulged in some not-so-crazy nights but enjoyable nonetheless and the rest has literally been Netflix and Chill.

So now that you guys are pretty much up to date lets get on to why we're here!

I made a promise to myself that I would blog this weekend even if it kills me.
For a minute forgot why I started blogging and became so consumed with bullshit that I allowed this part of my life to take a backseat. Even though blogging has always been a hobby it's also been a happy place to express myself - so I've vowed to be consistent even if it's one post a month.

I recently got this this cool ass aviator jacket from ASOS marketplace.
The Acme one has been on my wish list for a while but I don't get paid enough to even touch it so I couldn't help but get the next best thing!

It's super warm and cosy and can't wait to wear it properly when it gets colder.

Giving some serious resting bitch face....

Aviator Jacket - ASOS Marketplace | Top - H&M | Jeggings - New Look via ASOS - AF1s - Nike Town

Have you guys managed to pick up some A/W Jackets?

In other news...

I'm sleeping out at West India Quay on Thursday 12th November with Centre Point Charity to help raise money for homeless youths. This charity is one close to my heart and if you know me, you'll know that I love my bed to death so sleeping rough is going to be huge challenge!

I would love for you all to help a sister out and donate for this amazing cause... check out my page here:

and if you do donate please let me know so I can say a huge THANK YOU!

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