Staple Dress

14 November 2015

I finally had a chance to shoot this gorgeous H&M dress.
It's such a staple A/W piece.

I remember when I first set eyes on this dress in the store window of the Brixton H&M branch but I was in such a rush I that I didn't even think about it.
And then I noticed it again in the Angel H&M store and I knew I had to have it.
For a whopping £15 it was pretty hard not to purchase... but the icing on the cake was the extra 20% off by signing up to the H&M mailing list on that particular day! 

I will confess that it's slightly big for me so anyone wanting to buy I would recommend getting a size smaller.
I'm too lazy to bring it back so I'll rock it big and nip tuck where necessary! 

Have you managed to pick up any A/W staple pieces?

ps. Rocking my natural hair on the blog since I've done the big chop! (Which was a year and a half ago may i add - I can't believe how much it's grown.
You like?
pps. It's back in weave now :P

Right Now
Indulging in some reality TV...
I shall not divulge in the show name but let's just say its super juicy!

This Week
I received some amazing but well deserved news this week.
I got a promotion at work!
I won't go into to much detail as my job and the blog are two different parts of my life that I prefer to keep separate, however you are now looking at the new Junior Producer at DixonBaxi :)

Looking Forward To
Is it too early to say that?
I popped into TK Max today and was totally embracing the Christmas vibe. I even managed to buy my first christmas gift.... eeek!


  1. Loooove your lippy and nose ring ! Vanessa Hudgens would approve that outfit ! Love love love it !


  2. Your haaaair! It's beautiful! As is your lipstick, looks perfect with the outfit! Congratulations on your promotion, perfect news to end the year with :)

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥


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