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28 December 2015

As I sit here at my desk watching 24 on Netflix (love me some Jack Bauer) I can't believe how fast this year has gone. I swear it was summer like 5 minutes ago?

I have to say this Christmas was by far one of the best Christmas's I have had.
We had the entire family round at my mums as well as the Mr.'s family.
It was also my niece's first Christmas which made it extra special.
I told myself I wouldn't stress as much as I did last year and that's exactly what I did.
I relaxed and enjoyed the day.

The Mr always spoils me on any given day so it was no surprise that he made no exception for Christmas. I won't indulge in all the gifts he showered me with but one of them were these bad ass Reebok trainers.

I remember a few blog posts back I mentioned that trainers and flats are vastly becoming my loves over a hot pair of heels and this year has proved that. My heel selection is few and far between as the flats and trainers are piling up!
It could be to do with the fact God is telling me that I'm getting old or that I simply would rather be comfortable than stylish - but I'm not arguing with this choice the Mr. has bestowed upon me, I'm embracing it!


I wanted to go for a girly yet sport luxe look when styling my Reeboks so I opted for the all black look to bring attention to my trainers. I've been wearing this Forever21 skirt any chance I get because it's so flattering and makes my legs look like Tina Turner's.
My Criminal Damage reversible bomber is a hidden gem and usually makes a special appearance on truly special occasions... hence this combination!

Trainers - Reebok (xmas Present - although you can get him here) | Skirt - Forever21 | Top - Primark | Bomber Jacket - Criminal Damage (old)

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and looking forward to the New Year!

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  1. I'm not often one for trainers but I absolutely love the iridescent fabric of those ones! I really love how you've kept the rest of the outfit minimal to draw attention to them x


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