Summer time flares

11 July 2015

Summer's here peeps!
And thanks to summer my wardrobe seems to be getting bigger and my clothes lighter.

These light-weight Forever21 flares are perfect for these hot summer days when you don't want to show off your legs.  Admittedly I haven't worn flared trousers in years and as the trend is creeping back up - snapping these high waisted ones from Forever21 was a blessing.

Have you picked up flares this summer? Would love to know how you styled them!

Top - Topshop (old) | Flares - Forever21 (similar here) | Sandals - JustFab

Right Now
Laying in bed.
It's Saturday morning and I have no desire to do anything despite the nice weather!

This Week
... has gone by too quick! We'll be in August soon!
My son had his school prom last night and if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen the proud mum moment.
Cion was dressed to the nines in a dapper cream suit, white granddad shirt and suede beige loafers.
He gets his sense of style from his mamma:P

Looking Forward To
I won tickets for One Dance Festival tomorrow - yayness - via the I'M IN app.
As it's just up the road in Streatham Common it would be a sin not to go!

H&M Coord

8 July 2015

I've never been a fan of the coord.
Not because I don't like them but simply because no coord on the face of this earth looks good on me.
I remember when the trend first hit town we had midriffs on show and legs for days - I had the legs part, the midriff not so much :(.
Fortunately for me H&M produced the perfect coord to hide all my lumps and bumps...

Like most things I own this was an impulse buy. I only stepped into H&M to browse... I swear! But the mannequin was sporting this so well I couldn't resist.

Coord - H&M (Similar) | Birkenstock Dupes (old) - Topshop | Bag - Primark | Sunglasses - Bought in Majorca

Right Now
On the train home after client entertaining at Shoreditch House...
Who knew the blogger app would be such a great tool for on the go blogging.

This Week
I have to say I'm slightly missing the weekend. I headed up to Birmingham for my brother and sister in law's baby shower and although the drive was hella hot (being on the motorway for 2.5 hours with no air-con is not the one) it was so nice to see all the family together.

Looking forward to
Sleeping all weekend.
I have no plans this weekend and don't intend to make any. 
I want to sleep and not think about a damn thing! 

F**k Me Boots

1 July 2015

I've been drooling over these boots for the past two months. 
Contemplating whether it was worth it - asking myself will I even wear them? Or do I want them because one of the Kardashians killed it in the Gianvito Rossi ones. 
I'm all for a celeb inspo!
Most of all I was contemplating whether they would hurt my feet after wearing them for 20mins.
I've vowed never to buy cheap shoes again after ASOS and Missguided heels hurt my feet like hell. I'll rather pay the extra price for comfort if I'm being honest because lets face it, walking through the pain is not cute. 

Well... I gave in like the sucker I am and purchased these fucking awesome boots. 
"You love a F**k Me boot don't you.." my ass (sexy ass) of a boyfriend said to me when I sent him the link.
It's true I do.

To debut them on VK I want to prove the Mr. wrong and show him that these sexy bitch ass boots can look just as stylish as my non-F**k-Me boots.
So I paired it with this boho sheek dress I picked up from H&M while shopping for socks for my son.

Seriously though - I can't wait to wear these on a night out with a pair of booty shorts and a long tee.

Right Now
I'm at work.
Lord knows how I have time to type this post... 

This Week
Is hot has fuck! I'm loving it and glad it's staying hot for the weekend. 
I'm not feeling the fans either side of me blowing hot air around but it's a sacrifice I'm prepared to take on for a week of HEAT!

Looking Forward To
Signing up to The Body Coach 90 days SSS myself and Mani have decided enough is enough. I need to loose 2 stone (no joke) and Mani just wants to tone up. Watch me in 3 months a new me!

Happy 1st of July!

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