Coffee Break?

10 January 2016

Hello to my first post for 2016!

I'm going to keep this short and sweet as 1. I need to prep for work and 2. although I've always got loads to say, since the last time we spoke, nothing exciting has happened.

I wasn't 100% on blogging this outfit if I'm being honest - It's a simple, casual throw on that is not exciting at all but it's definitely an occurring choice due to the comfortability.
Cion and I popped into our local Starbucks (which I haven't been to in ages!) it was so nice to order my fave 'Chai Tea Latte' as I've been craving it since christmas. 
I've decided to give up sugar this year (not as a resolution but a life choice) and my chai tea was surprisingly good considering it wasn't laced with sugar. - A "who cares" fact but worth telling :)

May I add that my jumpsuit is from the ASOS maternity section.. hehe  

 Jumpsuit and Jacket - ASOS | Scarf - Tescos | Trainers - Filling Pieces

I practically forced Cion to take the pictures for me.... this is his 'I'm not really into this' face.


  1. cool!

  2. Looking lovely!


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