Hello, Hi... Smiley Face

23 January 2016

Hello, Hi, Smiley Fucking Face.

Just kidding. Excuse my french - I'm in one of those moods today.

This is the first time blogging from the new iMac (It's Mani's but I get to use it when I want). 
Mani and I officially have office/desk space at home (we have separate desks just in case you was wondering). YAY. I can't begin to tell you how satisfying it is to blog/work from a desk rather than my bed or sofa.
I actually feel like a modern day working mama!


So... I just wanted to say Hello, Hi to you guys.
I feel like I've lost touch with my readers and even though I'm blogging a little regularly now the connection just isn't the same.
So tell me and be honest - what the fuck have I done to ya'll? *Smiley Face*

Now if you've been following me for a while you would have known that I did the big chop in June 2014. Now that my hair is at a decent length I can finally let my curls run free and have my hair out. For the past year and a half I've been putting my hair in protective styles because styling short, thick, curly hair is not the easiest and takes a lot of time and maintenance.
I've been following natural hair Vlogger Yours Naturally 11 and she has given me life - especially when it comes to my hair. Her hair is very similar to mine so naturally (no pun intended) I took to her channel instantly.
This weekend I decided do her 'define your curls tutorial' which is the result in these pictures.
 My curls are really defined and feels so good!

Cardigan - Carboot Sale | Top - ADYN | Jeans - Forever21 | Converse - My sisters | Rings - Primark

Any natural hair bloggers out there that have defined curl secrets? We can trade :P


  1. Love love love your hair! It's so healthy and long! Any cool outfit btw xx

  2. Hi Michelle

    Your outfit is gorge and your hair is beautiful....love the look and love the blog. I'm new to independent blogging so I welcome you to come and check me out at crownedego.com if you have the time.

    My hair is natural...has been for years but I feel like it isn't growing....maybe it's me...i don't know xx


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