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21 April 2016

I felt a relief when I posted the 'Not Feeling It' post last week. 
It's something which had been bothering me for a while.
Not so much the massive shift the blogging world has taken but more so the acceptance. 
The feeling of feeling like an outsider in a world that I cared about so much.

Looking back I felt so stupid for wanting to be accepted into a community that (let's be frank) are not my real friends. I came here to speak my truth, my feelings and lets not forget the occasional personal style post. 
Whether people/readers like it or not I do it because it's my escape from the manic world I live in. 

I'm glad I posted it because now it's making me love the blog and blogging again. 
I'm enjoying catching up on the blogs that I've been following for a while and the new ones I've picked up on - I'm also enjoying coming up with new content for the blog which I've been struggling with for over a year now. 
Basically Michelle got her groove back!


I convinced Mani to take this pictures before work yesterday. I wanted to blog this oversized short sleeve jumper from Aesthetic Laundry on my debut wear. 
I was in brick lane last weekend on a photography course (post coming soon) and in the mist of the over crowded food  and Esty like market stalls I came across a full of life individual, Heidi who recently quit her full time job to pursue her clothing line Aesthetic Laundry full time. She was such a bundle of joy on that Sunday afternoon - so much that I purchased this top. 
And glad I'm I did!

Top - Aesthetic Laundry (Brick Lane) | Jeans - Forever21 | Trainers - Adidas via Schuh

It's super comfy - I could literally hide and fall asleep in it. 


  1. Glad you've got your groove back lovely. You fab here and definitely know what you mean about wanting to be accepted. Silly really but guess we can't help it sometimes! Can't wait to see your pics from your photography course, I'd love to try one myself! x

  2. This oversize pullover looks stunning on you!

  3. I can't tell you how many times I've dealt with those same feelings and eventually, I just really didn't care anymore. Like you, I just do my own thing and I'm perfectly fine with it.

  4. Well done for getting your groove back on, I am pleased 👍


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