London Institute of Photography

26 April 2016

"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." - Ansel Adams

If I knew what I had known 5 years ago when I first received my Canon 500D as a christmas present I would have fallen in love with photography straight away.
Doing a Film course at Uni almost everyone had a DSLR as they were slowly becoming the new IT camera for filming so of course I jumped on the bandwagon.
It never left my side throughout Uni but when I left I hardly used it - until I started Virgos and Kisses.

Just before I started VK I decided to take make it my mission to become one with my DSLR and take photography semi seriously. It was my mission to learn how to shoot in the manual mode and I even managed to produce a few good images - I wouldn't have called myself a pro photographer. 

When I began to take the blog seriously, I upgraded the DSLR to the 600D which I absolutely love and my love for photography grew.
I noticed a different direction in the images I took for the blog and felt more confident in how I wanted them taken.

London Institute of Photography

Holger Pooten contacted me a few weeks back and asked me if I wanted to review one of his courses.
A two day beginner course and of course I accepted. 
These kind of courses are really good for learning and honing in on the skills you've picked up - but in the back of my mind I secretly thought...
'Surely someone like me who has owned a DSLR for over 5 years should know how to take a good photograph right? It's just a matter of good lighting, pointing and shooting... no?'


I remember the first hour clearly - an introduction to our camera's. Because I whatsapp'ed Mani immediately saying 'I'VE BEEN SHOOTING ON THE WRONG SETTING FOR 5 YEARS!'
I'm so embarrassed to say it - but it's true. Throughout the years that I have owned a DSLR I have not been using them to their full potential. 

Holger completely put photography into prospective. 
The first day I couldn't wait to start practicing what I had learnt.
The second day we learnt how to get the best from our cameras - experimenting with the shutter speed, ISO and the aperture which resulted in some pretty cool photography styles.  

His class for beginners consist of a maximum of 8 people which is nice because everyone gets to have their say and you get that one on one with Holger which is also is super helpful for people like me who ask a million questions. 

I would recommend this class to anyone even photographers who 'think' they know what they are doing. It's such an insightful course and you're getting a lesson from an amazing photographer who's work has been commissioned for Nikon, Orange (now EE), Adidas and BMW.

Pretty cool right?

You could learn how to take some cool ass images and more some by taking Holgers class too.

Check him out below

Website and course information:

Holger Pooten personal website:


  1. The class looks so awesome. I definitely don't know enough about photography, I just play with shots and I hope stuff works! x

  2. i have been planing to to attend a photography tutorial. nice one here

  3. That course sounds really great! Once I decide to take a course his will definitely be the one I will check out. I don't think I am as comfortable with my camera just yet. More practice!! :)


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