Thursday Ramblings

26 May 2016

This is not your average post. I'm in the mood to chat shit today. 

Firstly. I want to express how sad I am that Tamar Braxton has been booted of The Real Talk show. I absolutely adore her and love her quick snap backs and ratchet like behaviour. 
I'm sad to see you go girl! 

Secondly. What's the deal with the weather. As Londoners we all know the British weather has a tendency to make us happy, then sad, then just downright fucks with our day but just for once I'm praying we get one or even two weeks of pure sun and nice tan-like weather... Is that to much to ask? On the other hand - I read somewhere that this year we will get our first full summer... Please say it's true?! Praying to the gods it is! 

Thirdly. I want to talk about the new beyonce album. Actually scrap that. It's the shit. 

Boyfriend Jeans Jacket - Pull & Bear (similar) | Shirt - H&M (similar) | Jeans - Mango via ASOSSunglasses - Topshop

Ramblings over. 
Now continue with your day. 
Peace x 


  1. The Real will not be the same without her. Great look btw!
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

  2. I've never watched The Real in its entirety but from the snippets I've seen, she is quite the character. I heard that she was getting her own talk show pretty soon. I'm sure that'll be interesting.

    And yes, Beyonce's album was the first one that I've listened to fully and over and over again without skipping one track. The visual was amazing as well! I really love the story the album told.


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