Perfect Summer Sandals

26 June 2016

I have to admit I didn't find these sandals on my own. 

My stylish friend from work actually had these in her saved items and I had no choice but to copy cat! We actually purchased these ages ago and now I'm seeing them everywhere so I'm glad I snatched these up before they sold out!

Sandals - Asos (sold out - similar here) | Bomber - Mani's :) | Top - New Look | Mom Jeans - Topshop

Right Now
Getting ready to get my Sunday cooking on!

This Week
Has been super chill. Work has been chaotic yet chilled and this weekend has been so chill.
I actually enjoy my weekends like this however the wild in me does like a crazy night out once in a while :)

Looking Forward To
Garage Nation Festival!
Who the fack is going?
Last year was last - me and girls literary decided to go a few days before and glad we did because we enjoyed it so much that this year is a must!
I can't wait to hold a vibe to the old school garage anthems - brings me back to when I was in school.

Are you going to any festivals this year?

The Perfect Co-ord

20 June 2016

I've been sitting on this Co-ord for a while now. I purchased it around 2 months ago and only now had the chance to blog it. 

I originally bought it for a friends birthday, it's super glam but you can also dress it down with a pair flatforms or adidas super stars and a leather jacket. It is the most comfortable coord I own and doesn't make me feel body conscious. 
And for a stellar £20 you can't go wrong! 

I'll let you guys in on a little secret. 
Just after I purchased this coord, my friend told me about the Topshop pleated collettes which are a dead stamp of the Boohoo ones. 
I love quality fashion but I also love a bargain - so in true 'Michelle' fashion I thought I would be missing out due to Topshop's reputation and possibly being better in material but when I saw and felt the toppers ones there was no difference at all! 
So I basically got a full outfit for less than the price of the toppers collettes alone! 
Bargain or nah?! Thanks Boohoo you little gem!

Co-ord set - Boohoo (Sold Out - Similar here) | Sandals - Public Desire

Don't watch the 'no face' in the images. It didn't make the cut! :P

Fuck You Wedding Season!

4 June 2016

From the title of this blog post you would think that I hate weddings... No. 
I love weddings! I can not wait for the day to start planning mine (hint hint). 
What I do hate is shopping for the perfect wedding outfit.... urgh fucking torture.

My style has developed over the years.
I have gone from the tomboy phase in my late teens, to girly/tomboy in my early 20s to girly with a dash of edgy in my mid 20s to now a defined edgy, chic, on trend yet comfortable style - oh and loads of BLACK.
That felt like a mouthful but it's hard to describe my style in 1-2 words. FACT

So shopping for wedding attire is torture - especially for me. 
Firstly you have to consider what you can NOT wear. White, Black, Trainers, Flats... the list can go on. 
Then you have to consider your budget. And my in case my non-existent budget due to my family holiday to Vietnam this summer. Yayness!
Lastly you have to consider what the heck your partner is wearing.
There are too many things restricting my awesomeness and none that can contribute to it!

To be clear - I have been invited to three weddings this year. That means three completely different outfits...

Wedding no. 1
I managed to find this outfit with the help of my trusty friends Asos and Public Desire.
As I have put few pounds here and there, I wanted to wear something that I would feel comfortable in yet stylish and sexy so I originally opted for this pant suit (Bottoms & Top). It ticks all the boxes.
Hides belly, covers arms, stylish yet affordable... you get the drill.

However as the Mr. is one of the groomsmen he made it a point to let me know that standing next to him in a pant suit is not hot. I agreed. So my pant suit idea was thrown out of the window... cheers Mani.

Through endless saved lists and trailing through Asos, Missguided, Boohoo and all the affordable on trend, online websites I settled on this number. 
A one shoulder pleated mini dress in mint.
It's super girly but really comfortable so that's a great compromise.

Dress - Asos | Shoes - Public Desire - ps. I would advise getting sizing up when you order from PD

Wedding No 2 & 3 outfit posts will be coming shortly. I just need to find them first!

But here are some really cool outfit choices.
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