Perfect Summer Sandals

26 June 2016

I have to admit I didn't find these sandals on my own. 

My stylish friend from work actually had these in her saved items and I had no choice but to copy cat! We actually purchased these ages ago and now I'm seeing them everywhere so I'm glad I snatched these up before they sold out!

Sandals - Asos (sold out - similar here) | Bomber - Mani's :) | Top - New Look | Mom Jeans - Topshop

Right Now
Getting ready to get my Sunday cooking on!

This Week
Has been super chill. Work has been chaotic yet chilled and this weekend has been so chill.
I actually enjoy my weekends like this however the wild in me does like a crazy night out once in a while :)

Looking Forward To
Garage Nation Festival!
Who the fack is going?
Last year was last - me and girls literary decided to go a few days before and glad we did because we enjoyed it so much that this year is a must!
I can't wait to hold a vibe to the old school garage anthems - brings me back to when I was in school.

Are you going to any festivals this year?


  1. Love the shoes, the hardware detailing makes them so badass!! Xx

  2. Omg can't believe they are sold out but thank you mango for saving me . Great blog post. X

    Tanaka x

  3. Knew I should have boyght them when I had the chance! 🙈😭 Great post!
    CP xo


  4. the western hardware - is so perf, great buy!

  5. Thank you so much for your very lovely words on my latest blog post. You certainly made my day. I LOVE these sandals. I actually have them in tan! x

  6. love your shoes, great look


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